🏐 Postcards from Europe

The Kansas Volleyball Team visited four countries and played six exhibition matches as part of its 2024 European Tour, which spanned from May 22 – June 3.

Following the trip, each player was given the opportunity to share their favorite photo from the tour along with a message about their trip.

Kansas Jayhawks

"I’m so grateful for this trip. It was a great way to kick off my time at KU by getting to know and bond with everyone. I’ll never forget these amazing experiences with the best people by my side!"

#1 Grace Nelson, Freshman
Kansas Jayhawks

"This trip was one to remember. Even though I was only there for half of it, I left with life-long memories. It was the perfect start to college, and I can’t think of a better way to bond with my new teammates!"

#2 Kenzie Dean, Freshman
Kansas Jayhawks

"I had the best time with my teammates. I wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world!"

#3 Raegan Burns, Sophomore
4 - Rhian

"This was the best trip with even better friends!"

#4 Rhian Swanson, Junior
5 - BMac

"This trip was an amazing time with my best friends. It was an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget!"

#5 Bryn McGehe, Senior
Kansas Jayhawks

"This trip was amazing. I am so glad we got this opportunity to enjoy time with my teammates. It was an experience of a lifetime that I will talk and laugh about with my friends forever. This trip has gotten us teammates closer, and we have bonded through traveling through Europe together!"

#7 Katie Dalton, Sophomore
Kansas Jayhawks

"I had the most incredible experience on our foreign tour. It was amazing getting to visit so many different countries and cities I dreamed of visiting and as a freshman I had the best time getting super close with the rest of the team. I am so grateful for this trip and will have memories for a lifetime!"

#8 Ellie Moore, Freshman
Kansas Jayhawks

"This trip was an absolute blast. Not only did we travel to different countries, but it also allowed us to become closer all while playing volleyball. Definitely a 10/10 experience!"

#10 Reese Ptacek, Freshman
Kansas Jayhawks

"I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing trip around Europe. It was one of the best experiences of my life."

#11 Toyosi Onabanjo, Senior
Kansas Jayhawks

"This foreign trip was an incredible opportunity for me as an incoming freshman to connect with the team and become part of the KU community. I’m so grateful for the experience and excited for the season to come!"

#12 Heidi Devers, Freshman
Kansas Jayhawks

"My teammates made this trip better than I could have ever imagined. We will forever remember this special opportunity we had with each other!"

#13 Zoey Burgess, Freshman
Kansas Jayhawks

"This trip was unforgettable for so many reasons - because of everything we saw, but also the relationships made. A whole new team on a long trip is really special and we were able to spend time with new girls we hadn’t spent much time with. I’m so glad everyone was able to make it and I couldn’t be more excited for this team. I’ll say it every year because this program is so special, but this year is going to be a really good one!!"

#14 Caroline Bien, Senior
Kansas Jayhawks

"I had such amazing experiences throughout this tour, and I am so grateful to everyone who made it happen!!"

#15 Ellie Schneider, Sophomore
Kansas Jayhawks

"Exploring Europe with the team was a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with unforgettable memories!"

#17 Ayah Elnady, Graduate Student
Kansas Jayhawks

"I am super grateful for the opportunity to go on this trip with my best friends!"

#19 Molly McCarthy, Redshirt-Sophomore
Kansas Jayhawks

"It was such a special experience getting to travel Europe for the first time with all of my best friends. This for sure was a once in a lifetime trip I will never forget!"

#20 Brynn Kirsch, Junior
Kansas Jayhawks

"This is a trip I will remember forever. The cities were beautiful, and I had the best people by my side!"

#21 London Davis, Senior
Kansas Jayhawks

"I had the best time on this trip with the best people making lifelong friends. This is something I won’t ever forget!"

#22 Cameron Turner, Senior
Kansas Jayhawks

"Our European Tour was such an unforgettable life and team bonding experience. I loved every moment of it, rain and bus rides included!"

#24 Aisha Aiono, Sophomore