RCW: Sport Spotlight 4.21 (Swimming & Diving)

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The Jayhawks ended their regular season on a high note February 2-3 in Ames, Iowa, besting the Cycolnes 178.5-121.5 in the pool. Iowa State is a school that has a lot of history with the Jayhawks throughout the years. For as long as head coach Clark Campbell can remember, the Jayhawks and the Cyclones have been side-by-side working hard for a good spot at the upcoming Big 12 Championship.
“What is cool about this week is that Iowa State is the only school left with us in the conference from the Big Eight days,” Campbell said. “It has turned into a very natural rivalry that has lasted since the 1970’s.”
The camaraderie that is illuminated by both teams is something that only history can intertwine. Both teams match up to the same energy level, as they know what it is like to compete against one another each time they are face-to-face on the blocks.
“(Iowa State) is the team that we have had the most consecutive amount of duals against every year since I can remember,” Campbell said. “It is a rival meet and it is a fellow Big 12 opponent, and we’ve been taking this meet back for a long time and have a long history. It always brings out the best in both schools.”
Kansas and Iowa State are both in full-gear mode as they eagerly prepare for the Big 12 Championship that are held in Austin, Texas, in just two weeks (Feb. 21-24) to continue their history of competition and rivalry.
“It is always our goal at the end of our season to have a strong end, and every 16 years we have had a winning dual meet,” Campbell said. “We are training hard and racing a lot, and I am very pleased with how we finished up. Now we get to head to the Big 12 Conference Championship, which is the best part of the year for us.”