Rock Chalk Dance - Tryouts

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2019 Rock Chalk Dancer Auditions:
April 26th – 5:45 – 8:30 p.m. – Check-in begins at 5:30 p.m.
April 27th – 8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.
April 28th – 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Location: Allen Fieldhouse

*All Auditions are closed to the public

Pre-Tryout Registration

Pre-tryout video requirements
Video requirements for the one minute solo MUST include:

  • a high energy jazz routine
  • you are the only one dancing in the video
  • some type of turn or turn sequence, a leap, jumps, or other skills
  • performance style: smiling, facials, and technique

Your video can be recorded anywhere, as long you are the only one performing

Rock Chalk Dance Audition Attire and Expectations:
Specific skill requirements for the RCDs include: double, triple and quad pirouettes, seconds, fuetes, high, flexible kicks, leaps, jumps, specialty leaps such as firebirds, good technique, style, and performance. Though we are dancers, we also have to cheer and project our voices, so candidates will need to be confident and comfortable with cheering, spiriting and yelling chants!

Friday, April 26th: PRELIMS from 5:45 – 9:15 pm:

Candidates will review the required fight song, stinger, hip hop, and partial Jazz routine with the coaches and choreographers. Candidates need to wear biker/bootie shorts with appropriate coverage (no High waist bands and no rolled waist bands), supportive sports bra, tennis shoes, and bring TAN jazz/pirouette shoes, hair MUST be worn down, styled out of your face, and make up needs to be performance ready.
Gentlemen- please wear shorts or dance bikers, and fitted tank or top, tennis shoes and jazz shoes. Please view our social media sites for examples of the RCDs make up and performance looks!

It is encouraged that your “tryout attire” be unique. Crimson, blue and/or white is encouraged, but not required. Wear colors that compliment you and wear attire that makes you feel confident.
Be creative and jazz up your bra top with rhinestones, different patterns, designs and/or KU colors. Remember that you are auditioning to be a collegiate performer for the University of Kansas.

***There will NOT be a cut during prelims. It will just be a time for us to review and clean material, interact with candidates, and evaluate skills.

Saturday, April 27th: SEMIS from 8:30 am – 7 pm:
Candidates will perform and execute a series of skills drills along with the audition material during the morning session. A “cut” will be announced prior to the lunch break. The afternoon session will consist of gameday material and experience and execution of skills. A “cut” will be made following the Gameday Assessment. Finalists will conclude the day with conditioning, and learning the remainder of the jazz routine, and interviews with coaches.

Candidates need to wear biker/bootie shorts, a sports bra, tennis shoes, and bring TAN jazz/pirouette shoes, hair MUST be worn down, styled out of your face, and make up needs to be performance ready.
Gentlemen MUST be clean shaven and well groomed.

***Final candidates will have interviews with RCD coaches ONLY prior to dismissal on Saturday evening. Please wear some type of cover up attire to wear during interviews. This can include a warm up from high school dance/cheer team or from your dance studio, or simply a nice pair of jogger/track pants and a sweatshirt or track jacket.

Sunday, April 28th: FINALS from 8:30 am – 5 pm: 

Arrive in business attire to continue formal interviews with KU staff and RCD alumni. You will take part in a series of interview questions that will range from KU athletics knowledge, traditions, leadership and team skills, previous cheer/dance experience, academic focus, and questions that will allow us to “get to know” each candidate. You will also have photos taken in a RCD uniform for the announcement slideshow.

From 12:45-5pm, finalists candidates will perform their required audition material in front of a panel of outside professional judges. There will be 2 parts to your audition. Part 1 will include the fight song, stinger, chant, with signs, and hip hop routine. Part 2 will consist of a question that you will be given on Saturday evening and the jazz routine. Candidates will introduce themselves and answer the question in front of the judges prior to their audition performance.

The scores from the judges are a “roadmap” that help us to finalize the RCD team for the 2019-2020 season with skills execution, prelims, semifinals, and interview assessment scores added in.

The morning of FINALS, candidates will be taking pictures that will include a headshot and body shot in a Rock Chalk Dancer uniform. Be prepared and be thinking ahead of time of poses for your photo.

Please bring the following to FINALS:

  • Finals Tryout Attire
  • Warm up/Cover Up
  • A universal bra for uniform fitting
  • Tan jazz shoes for audition
  • CLEAN Tennis shoes for audition
  • Arrive in business attire


  • a water bottle
  • healthy snacks (you will be dismissed to grab lunch “on your own”)
  • ibuprofen/aspirin
  • warm ups/cover ups
  • make up
  • hairspray
  • separate pair of tennis shoes to dance in- the shoes that you arrive in will NOT be allowed on the gym floor!!!
  • tan  jazz shoes
  • hip hop shoes
  • supportive bra tops
  • universal bra with movable straps for uniform fitting.
  • biker shorts with appropriate coverage

Required Skills Include:

  • Double, Triple and Quad Pirouettes
  • Consistent and Fluid Seconds and Fuetes
  • Straight Arm Pom Placement
  • Strong Pom Motions
  • Skilled Leaps and Jumps
  • Toe Touches
  • Flexibility
  • Rhythm and Musicality
  • Tumbling is not required, but welcomed
  • Aerials
  • Headsprings
  • Outstanding Performance and Style