From the office of ... Catherine Carmichael

Catherine Carmichael joined the Kansas football staff nearly two years ago, following the arrival of head coach David Beaty. As the assistant director of recruiting, Carmichael fills many roles on the Jayhawk staff with her primary duties including managing all aspects of KU’s on-campus recruiting efforts. With long days and nights a regular part of her job, Carmichael, a former KU volleyball standout, has put many warm touches on her office in the Anderson Family Football Complex to make herself feel at home.
Hanging quotes and photos: “I made it on my own. I saw it on Pinterest and decided to add my own flair to it. I printed off some quotes that are meaningful to me and some that my mom gave me. I also added some pictures of my family, my nieces, my grandma, my brothers. When I am sitting at my desk working, sometimes it is nice to be able to look over at that and remember why I am here and why I do the things I do.”
Framed picture of first football signing class: “Once we got done with our first Signing Day, I came into my office and Tyler (Olker, Director of Recruiting) had surprised me with the frame and a note. The frame is made up of all of the graphics for the guys we signed. It means a lot to me because we worked so hard and so long on our signing class and it’s a great reminder of that.”
Quote box: “My mom got me this and it reads: ‘Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.’ It is a daily reminder to not wish your life away. Everything you have now is something you were at one point in time sitting and hoping for. Enjoy the moment basically.”
Volleyball Frames: “That was our senior day jersey and this other one we had no idea we were going to get those. We saw it at our banquet and I thought, ‘How cool of them to get that for Coach B’. I had no idea we would all be getting one. Once I had mine, I kept thinking, ‘Where am I ever going to have space to hang that?’ and then, coincidentally, I got this job and it’s been great to have it hanging on my wall. I am really proud of what we accomplished and it’s fun to be able to display it in my office.”