RCW: Bird's Eye View 4.25

Each week the Bird’s Eye View captures some of the best moments for Kansas Athletics. From the playing field, practice gym or behind the scenes, don’t miss this exclusive perspective into the Kansas Jayhawks.
 lighted path

LIGHTED PATH – A stream of sun inside Arrocha Ballpark lit the swing path of KU softball senior Harli Ridling during the second game of a doubleheader against South Dakota State at Rock Chalk Park on Tuesday, February 27.
 Photo by Jeff Jacobsen 

kick it

KICK IT – Softball player Amanda Organ kicked her leg high into the sky to keep the KU senior alive in an intense Hacky Sack game with sophomores Madison Sykes and Lily Valeo, and freshman Addie Balderston before the Jayhawks took on South Dakota State in a doubleheader on Tuesday, February 27.
 Photo by Jeff Jacobsen



roaring good time

ROARING GOOD TIME – KU’s Nina Khmelnitckaia let out a giant roar of delight after the junior won the match-deciding tiebreaker 12-10 in No. 4 singles to give the then-No. 20 Jayhawks’ tennis team a 4-3 victory over in-state rival No. 21 Wichita State on Friday, March 2 at the Jayhawk Tennis Center.
 Photo by Laura Jacobsen 

tears of joy

TEARS OF JOY – After a hard-fought, match-winning 12-10 tiebreaker in No. 4 singles, KU’s Nina Khmelnitckaia let tears of joy flow as she was congratulated by coach Todd Chapman after the junior helped the then-No. 20 Jayhawks tennis team defeat No. 21 Wichita State 4-3 at the Jayhawk Tennis Center on Friday, March 2.
 Photo by Laura Jacobsen


parking spot 


FOCUSED – Senior Owen Taylor and junior David Kyriacou stared out of the dugout inside Dick Howser Stadium as No. 4 Florida State took batting practice on Mike Martin Field ahead of KU baseball’s first game of a two-game series against the Seminoles on Monday, March 5, in Tallahassee, Florida.
 Photo by Jeff Jacobsen 

two Ball

TWO BALL – Senior Casey Douglas made simultaneous tosses during a game of two ball with pitching teammates redshirt senior Jon Hander, sophomore Ryan Zeferjahn and sophomore Gabriel Sotomayor inside Dick Howser Stadium’s visiting bullpen ahead of the Jayhawks’ first game of a two-game series against No. 4 Florida State in Tallahassee, Florida, on Monday, March 5.
 Photo by Jeff Jacobsen