RCW: Donor Spotlight 4.14



Bob and Opal Wheeler of Topeka, Kansas, have been members of the Williams Education Fund since 1987. They both are graduates of the University of Iowa but became supporters of the University of Kansas due to KU basketball. While they may not have graduated as Jayhawks themselves, their family members who did include their three children: “Ty, for his undergraduate and law degree, Kelly for a Master’s, and Chris for his undergraduate.”
The Wheelers’ favorite memory of Kansas Athletics is the 1988 NCAA Basketball Championship. So it’s no surprise that their favorite KU player, past or present, is Jayhawk basketball legend, Danny Manning. Another beloved part of Kansas Athletics for the Wheelers? Their favorite tradition is, without a doubt, the “Rock Chalk Chant!”
When asked why they have continued to support KU and its student-athletes for over three decades, the Wheelers responded, “We continue our support due to the excitement that comes from being a KU fan and also to assist student-athletes.” 
When describing what the KU means to them, the Wheelers simply stated, “It’s was a great place to educate our children.” 

Finally, for a little fun, when asked whether they are passing or running the ball on a fourth and three, on the four-yard line, trailing by six and with only enough time remaining in the game for one play, they simply stated: “Passing.”
Rock Chalk, Bob and Opal, and thank you for being featured in this edition of Rock Chalk Weekly’s Donor Spotlight!

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