RCW: Donor Spotlight 4.4

There are few greater testaments to the fans of the University of Kansas than how Kathy Stover describes it: “generational support.” For the past decade, Kathy and her husband, John, of Lawrence, Kansas, have been members of the Williams Education Fund. Their support of KU, however, extends through three generations. Continue reading for an inside look into the Stover family in this edition of the WEF Donor Spotlight.

Answers provided by Kathy Stover

Are you a University of Kansas alumni? 
Yes—John in chemical engineering and Kathy in education (English).

What is your favorite Kansas Athletics memory? 
Watching the national championship run in 1988 with my parents, John’s mom and our two children. We all wore the same clothes and sat in the same places in front of the TV for every game.

Why do you support Kansas Athletics and its student-athletes? 
We both grew up KU fans (three of our four parents also graduated from KU) and supporting our student-athletes has always been a part of our lives. Our son, who also graduated from KU, and our daughter (a Northwestern grad) are third-generation supporters—we’ve formed a bond that we share with millions of other Jayhawks.

What is your favorite KU tradition? 
Singing the alma mater and participating in the Rock Chalk Chant at games. On the non-athletic s side: walking down the Hill on graduation day.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? 
John wears KU gear whenever and wherever we travel. We are always approached by fellow fans with the familiar, “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!” Being KU supporters has introduced us to wonderful people all over the world.
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