RCW: Elementary encouragement

KU Leads recently hosted a class of students from an elementary school in Kansas City who came to tour the University and get the children exposed to higher education. They made a stop at the Booth Hall of Athletics to see the museum, where current KU student-athletes talked about the importance of staying in school.

Many younger kids aspire to be collegiate or professional athletes, so the Jayhawks talked about how to work hard on sports, but not to forget about school, as the education part of the equation is going to get them where they want to be.

Typically, KU Leads hosts one or two of these elementary visits each year; there will be another one in April with a different grade of students from a different school.

During the visits, KU student-athletes talk about why school is important and what it’s like to play a sport and go to school at the same time. They also describe what opportunities may come from being a Division I student-athlete at the University of Kansas.

KU Leads, the Kansas Jayhawks’ student-athlete development unit,  focuses on leadership training, community engagement, traditions and professional development to enhance the student-athlete experience. Within KU Leads, the Kansas K Club – the department’s letterwinners association – has the mission is to help preserve the history and traditions of Kansas Athletics, support current student-athletes, and connect former participants, coaches, student athletic trainers and managers of varsity sports at the University of Kansas.