RCW: Football senior sound off

When the Jayhawks take the field at Memorial Stadium Saturday, Nov. 19—it will be the final home game for 25 KU seniors. The Kansas football senior class reflected on their time at KU and what being a Jayhawk has meant to them. 
Kellen Ash
“Play for the man to the left and right of you. That is the most important thing I learned during my time as a Jayhawk and I tried to honor that each day.”
 fb seniors
Greg Allen
“Diversity at its finest. There is no other family like our family. Rock Chalk for life!”
Courtney Arnick
“My time at Kansas has taught me to be a student—not only on the field, but also in the classroom. It has prepared me to be a better man and team player in everyday interactions. Thanks to all who have helped me persevere and accomplish my goals with the best family in the country. #RockChalk”
D’Andre Banks
“Entitled to nothing, grateful for everything. Kansas has taught me how to work hard and earn the things you want in life.”
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Shakiem Barbel
“My time at the University of Kansas has been great! It means the world to me to have had the opportunity to get a degree from a prestigious school, network with my fellow Jayhawks and build what I truly consider a family here in the football program and all of athletics.”
Bazie Bates IV
“I am very thankful to be a part of the Jayhawk family. My teammates will be my brothers for life and I will be walking away with a world-class education. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!”
Chevy Graham
“I am very grateful for the opportunity I have had to earn a great degree, while being a part of the KU football family. Not only has being at Kansas opened many doors for my future, but it has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people. Rock Chalk!”
J.J. Jolaoso
“I have been through a lot with my teammates and I would not want to go to battle with anyone else. I am proud to be a part of the Jayhawk family. I will always cherish my time in the Crimson and Blue.”
 fb seniors
Ke’aun Kinner
“Coming from a junior college, I didn’t really have a support system which cared about me off the football field like I do here at Kansas. There were definitely coaches who cared, but outside of them I felt really alone, striving to accomplish my goals by myself. When I got to Kansas that all changed—it is my safe haven. I just want to be remembered as a person who never talks back, a person who does what he is asked to do and someone who answers when his number is called. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!”
Damani Mosby
“These years at the University of Kansas have been the time of my life! The ONLY thing I regret over these last three years is that I did not get here sooner! Rock Chalk!”
Austin Moses
“KU has provided me an opportunity that I always dreamed of growing up. I knew when I used to sit in the stands and watch games that someday I would want to be a part of this prestigious university. I cannot thank my parents enough for letting me chase my dreams! Rock Chalk!”
Marnez Ogletree
“Even though I have only been here for two years, I have learned so much. Coming to KU was one of the best decisions I will ever make in my life. I am proud to be a Jayhawk.”
Anthony Olobia
“I have had a lot of great memories during my time at KU, but the one that stands out the most is earning my degree. Walking down the Hill for graduation was a once in a lifetime experience and one I am extremely proud of. Rock Chalk!”
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Marcquis Roberts
“I picked KU because even though I knew it was going to be a process, I do know one day this place will be big in football and I want to have my name attached to that in some type of way. Having coaches say, ‘He made a difference on other players and really impacted the game.’ That’s the biggest thing for me. I am happy to be a part of laying a strong foundation for this program and will always be proud to a Jayhawk.”
Cameron Rosser
“My time at Kansas has been a true blessing. All of the lessons I have learned have really helped me grow from a boy into a man and I will forever be grateful for my time here.”
Frank Seurer Jr.
“My favorite memory as a Jayhawk is running out of the tunnel for the first time as the bell rang. It took me back to when I was just a kid hearing that same bell ring, waiting for the team to run out. I will always remember that feeling. It has been a dream come true to play at KU.”
Tevin Shaw
“Choosing KU was a great decision for me. I have really enjoyed my time in Lawrence. I have made lifelong friendships and played for really great coaches who have taught me a lot about what takes to be a man. I am excited about what the future holds for Kansas football! Jayhawk for life!”
 fb seniors
Jordan Shelley-Smith
“I am forever grateful for the brothers I have gained and the Jayhawk family for their support. Rock Chalk!”
Will Smith
“I wouldn’t trade my time here at KU for anything. Though it seems like it went by so fast, I have made a lifetime of friends, and learned so much from a school and a football program that will leave a lifelong impression on me. Thank you, to all of the coaches and staff who have made my time here so memorable; and thank you to all of the alumni who have built this program, this school, and this home. Rock Chalk.”
Fish Smithson
“I am blessed to have been able to play for such a great University. It is an honor that I was given the opportunity to lead 100 plus men to battle. This is an experience I will never forget. Rock Chalk!”
Colin Spencer
“KU, what an amazing place! There is nothing quite like watching the fans wave the wheat and celebrate with us. I have truly enjoyed my time as a Jayhawk! Rock Chalk!”
Brandon Stewart
“My best memories of my time at KU come each and every Saturday when I step on the field with my brothers for life. Always a Jayhawk!”
Devon Williams
“I thank God and KU for blessing me with opportunity and new relationships that will last a lifetime. I am honored and proud to be a Jayhawk.”
 fb seniors
Matthew Wyman
“KU blessed me with an opportunity to further my education and play Division I football. I am forever grateful for all of my coaches, teammates and friends. Over my four years, KU has helped me grow as a person and taught me an abundance of life lessons and skills that will benefit me for the remainder of my life. Rock Chalk!”
Michael Zunica
“I want to be remembered as being part of the senior class that built the foundation of the KU teams that go on to win championships! Rock Chalk!”