RCW: From the office of ... Aaron Carbuhn

In a gift from his parents who supported his musical interests and hard rock drumming throughout high school, sports nutritionist Aaron Carbuhn has a dusty reminder tucked away in the corner of his busy office inside the Anderson Strength Center. Carbuhn, who is working towards his Ph.D., helps Kansas student-athletes perform at their best by making good decisions when it comes to fueling their bodies. 

“Music has been a part of my life ever since I was in third grade. I had a couple of years of piano and then when I got into sixth grade I got into percussion. I did percussion — whether it be snare drums, quads, xylophone, you name it in percussion — and that’s what I learned and did. Then when we got into high school, I was in the marching band. At the time, our school (Robinson) was the biggest marching band in the state of Texas. Most of our school was in it. I was in the percussion section, so I was a snare drummer then was the percussion leader my senior year. At the end of that, I actually joined, with some friends of mine, a hard rock band. I was the drummer for the band, which was called Narkisus. We would play gigs while still in high school, before going into college. We almost decided not to go to college, to go to Austin or Dallas and try to make it. If you would look at our career paths, it would make sense that we didn’t do it.

“I still have my trap set here in Kansas and one day will plan to crack that back open again. I’ve got to finish up with school. I can’t do school and work and all this other stuff. So music has always been a big part (of my life) and playing it.

“The music I listen to kind of varies. Back in those days, in was hard rock, speed metal, pretty intense stuff. I used to go to a lot of those concerts. But now, after a couple of kids, it’s kind of dulled down a little bit. But still, hard rock. Metal is always a good one, but I’m also a Texas country, classic country (fan). I like a lot of Christian music that I’ll listen to.

“Music is something that’s always been a part of me. I really enjoyed that time in my life and hopefully I can do that again in some form or fashion. There is nothing better than playing gigs in front of people.

“In high school, we would actually go around and play at other schools for events. Everyone in our band loved that type of music but we were all honor roll, straight-A, salutatorian type of students. The idea was that you can do all this extra stuff, but still have good grades. I think 400 was the biggest we ever played in front of, but we were just young kids. It’s still fun though.

“I had the drumset set up in the basement a couple of years ago. But right when I set it up, we had some water down there so I had to put them away immediately. They’ve been packed up ever since. Once I get done with school, that time that is normally devoted to school, outside of family and work, I’ll start playing again. “

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