RCW: From the office of ... Ritch Price

One of the proudest moments for Kansas head baseball coach Ritch Price was fundraising to build the Jayhawks a brand new clubhouse, and he keeps the renderings in his office as a reminder that it is all about the players.

“I am all about our players,” Price said. “To see the rendering of the McCarthy Family Clubhouse and see the whole thing built and what it has provided for our players and the experience our student-athletes have at the University of Kansas is really special. One of the unique things about baseball is you take batting practice as the home team – you have 45 minutes while the other team takes batting practice. You spend so much time in the clubhouse, it is unbelievable. To have that facility right behind our first base dugout has been an unbelievable addition to our program as far as creating a great student-athlete experience for our players.”