RCW: From the office of ... Rob Catloth

“The seniors gave it to me and my daughter (Olivia Catloth, 2009-13) was a part of that class,” Kansas rowing head coach Rob Catloth said of the concrete “2013 Kansas Rowing” tile that is in his office. “It was a cool experience to have my daughter compete for me, she did a good job. She grew up wanting to be a volleyball player, but she never got tall enough. She wanted to be 6-0 or 6-2 and play volleyball, but it didn’t happen. She was a coxswain.

“There were probably more challenges for her than for me in coaching her. Of course there was fatherly pride seeing her in the boat, but you’re also coaching at the same time, so you’ve got other stuff (to think about). She did a good job, she was a good coxswain.”