RCW: SAAC Spotlight: Casey Douglas


In this week’s issue of Rock Chalk Weekly, KU Leads sits down with Casey Douglas, a current member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee representing the baseball team.

  • Why did you decide to play baseball for KU?
    I decided to play baseball for KU because I, first and foremost, wanted to get out of my comfort zone, away from California. Once I visited KU and saw the tradition, the small college town feel, beautiful campus, the family atmosphere, and on top of that a great coaching staff and some of the best facilities in the country, I couldn’t say no. (It) Turned out to be the greatest opportunity I have ever received and the greatest decision I ever made.
  • Why did you decide to join SAAC?
    I decided to join SAAC my freshman year after I went to a meeting and shadowed a senior on the baseball team, because I loved the energy and the excitement in the room. I loved the fact that we got to work with the community, got to see and work behind scenes about what goes on in KU Athletics. We are able to make a difference not only at KU, but in the Big 12 Conference and NCAA.
  • What are your goals for SAAC this year?
    This year for SAAC our goals are to get rid of the preconceived notions about SAAC and show how powerful we are in the community, athletics, in the Big 12 Conference and the NCAA, especially being from KU. We want to further integrate student-athletes through various community and inter-athletic events.
  • How does it feel to be a Man of Merit?
    It feels good! It is more a tribute to my family and the community, both at KU and back home in California, because it is what has shaped me today.
  • Where do you see yourself after graduation?
    After graduation I see myself entering law school at KU! And hopefully a graduate position in KU LEADS.
  • Who is the person you look up to the most?
    I really look up to my parents the most and am incredibly grateful for what they have taught me about having a good work ethic, staying positive, treating others the way you want to be treated, and my mom for telling me every morning, “Look your best because you never know who you are going to run into.”
  • What is your favorite part of playing baseball?
    My favorite part about playing baseball, especially pitching, is challenging someone to beat you.
  • What is your favorite baseball memory and why?
    My favorite baseball memory is being able to travel to the Dominican Republic my junior year and being able to play against local teams as well as visiting an elementary school. It showed us how grateful we need to be for the opportunities we receive and how the simplest of things can bring so much happiness to a community, especially baseball.
  • What is your favorite SAAC memory or favorite thing you have seen done in SAAC so far?
    My favorite SAAC memory, so far, is being able to orchestrate and achieve the “One Team Kick-Off”. In this event we were able to show how much pride student-athletes should have in our KU community and how we are going to continue to strengthen it.