RCW: SAAC Spotlight with Emily Bermel

  1. I chose KU because my dad coaches here (Jamie Bermel, Kansas men’s golf head coach) so that would be the only way he could see me play and I would be close to my family. KU also has a great journalism school, an amazing athletic program and amazing facilities/opportunities.
  2. I really love the legislation we get to go over and discuss in SAAC. There are so many things to know and understanding the rules makes our experience at KU better. I also love planning things with all of the athletes together cause it makes everyone feel like one big unit.
  3. In 10 years I see myself being either an athletic director or an Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) at a Power 5 school. That is my dream job.
  4. I look up to my dad the most. We are so similar to each other and I have followed in his footsteps since I was a kid. He works so extremely hard at everything he does and sets a wonderful example for me and my brothers.
  5. My favorite thing is my team. We are all so close and the team chemistry is something I wouldn’t get anywhere else. They are all my best friends.
  6. My goal for this year is to make our volunteering events even better than they have been in the past. We are only promoting two main volunteering events, but my goal is to get more student-athlete representation at these events and to take the events to the next level.
  7. To me, being a Jayhawk means being part of a something much bigger than myself. It means being part of a family, a community and an amazing athletic program. It means being involved in one of the greatest opportunities academically and athletically in the country and having a college experience of a lifetime.