RCW: SAAC Spotlight with Reese Randall

  1. I decided to play at football at KU because I grew up a huge KU football fan, so getting a spot on the team I loved was a dream come true. I also knew that KU was at a higher level of competition than any other opportunity I was given and I loved the challenge of it. I also knew the strengths I had were mostly my attitude and my approach and I wanted those attributes to be contagious to my teammates.
  2. SAAC was a great opportunity to become more involved with KU Athletics family, learn how to be a better leader on my team and in my community. SAAC focuses on leadership, which has been one of my passions since joining the team. I have been able to see the leadership on our team drastically improve, as well as the culture, and SAAC has played a large role in those changes. SAAC also has brought me closer to athletes on other teams. We have been able to support, encourage and challenge each other more because of our relationships. ONE TEAM!
  3. I am a huge Star Wars fan and I have favorite characters from all eras. If I had to choose one character, it would be R2-D2. He is the unsung hero of the galaxy. He is like the Forrest Gump of the Star Wars saga, as he seems to somehow be on the scene for every major event in history. He also appears in all 10 movies.
  4. I look up to my two older brothers the most. They model for me so many characteristics that I strive for. We all three have a really great relationship.
  5. My favorite part of playing football has been the guys I have gotten to play with. I have made some of the closest friends I have, and we all come from such different walks of life. I have gotten to play with some truly special, talented, hilarious and admirable people.
  6. My favorite KU football memory was beating Texas. It was a really special moment that I got to share with my dad, and I will never forget it. I hope we can create some more fun memories this upcoming season. Regardless, I have enjoyed every season and offseason of my four years. I really love the “grind” of it all and, like I mentioned, my teammates and our culture make the experience very enjoyable. My favorite SAAC memory was probably going on the weekend leadership retreat this past summer. I learned a lot about my teammates, other athletes and myself. I have a picture from that weekend on my desk that I look at almost daily.
  7. My one word would be: Family. I have gotten to know members of every sports team, and although we all come from different high schools, families, backgrounds and even countries, we are united by the Crimson and Blue.