RCW: Sport Spotlight 4.10 (Swimming & Diving)


Many student-athletes understand the routine and importance of travel, but not all can achieve the durability it takes to cram that entire schedule into one day. The Kansas swimming and diving team took that challenge Saturday, October 28and showed its fans what they can accomplish in less than a 24-hour period.
“It’s more than just a meet, it’s an experience,” head coach Clark Campbell said. “A good way to prove to yourself, ‘I am tough.'”
Sixteen athletes rolled out of bed Saturday morning, hopped on a plane, flew to Dallas and dominated TCU in a dual meet. In addition, the Jayhawks proved to themselves how mentally tough and physically prepared they were.
“I told some of the team that this is the first meet we’ve done where we have done all events at one time like a regular dual meet,” Campbell said. “The first two we split them up, added some relays and things like that, but this is the first time we did a honest to goodness one-day dual meet and we had to swim all of the events back-to-back-to-back.”
The second the plane’s wheels landed in Dallas, the team was wide awake and ready to go with adrenaline pumping through its veins.
“There was a lot of adrenaline, and they were revved up,” Campbell said. “The first seven or eight events before the break we were doing awesome. And we continued that through the second break, but (you) could tell we were getting a little sluggish. Let’s just say we’re glad the meet ended when it ended.”
Even with a smaller squad, with rapid-fire starts Kansas took home a victory over TCU, 188-110.
“It was about proving them tough and doing something that we knew was going to be a challenging situation and they did marvelous,” Campbell said.
The Jayhawks continue to show their toughness this Saturday, November 4 against Nebraska inside Robinson Natatorium.