RCW: Sport Spotlight 4.25 (Swimming & Diving)

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Senior diver Nadia Khechfe has not only accomplished four successful academic years at the University of Kansas, but also excelled as an athlete on the swimming and diving team.
Khechfe was involved in diving long before her time at KU and found herself making improvements throughout her life as she grew into the person that she is today and has diving to thank.
“I’ve learned a lot from this sport,” Khechfe said. “I’ve learned how to be mentally, physically and emotionally tough. This sport, and the experiences that came along with it, have taught me how to be resilient. I’ve been able to be adaptable in all types of situations. Everything this sport has taught me I will carry for the rest of my life and I am so thankful for that.”
Khechfe was able to successfully intertwine her athletic ability and mental toughness into becoming a leader for the team. She is someone who earned respect from her teammates and coaches and worked hard for the positions that she ultimately became as an upperclassman.
As a senior, Khechfe served as a team captain and a team representative for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Kansas head diving coach Gabe Downey is one of many people who have been with Khechfe to help and watch her grow into the responsibilities she is able to take on for the team.
“She has grown to being comfortable in having such a role,” Downey said. “The skills have always been there, but having the comfort and confidence to show those skills and the respect from the team to have the aptitude to show those.”