RCW: Sport Spotlight 4.7 (Football)

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Jacob Bragg stands 6-foot-4 and weighs in at 291 pounds. He is perfectly suited for the offensive line, which is his natural position for the Kansas football team. In the Jayhawks’ last game against Texas Tech, Bragg literally stepped outside of his comfort zone and into a new role—fullback.
The bruiser from Nacogdoches, Texas, lined up in the KU backfield sporting the No. 1 as opposed to his normal 55 jersey, and helped the Jayhawk ground game get going. Although he was not completely unfamiliar with the position, it had been several years since he carried the ball in a game.
“In 7th and 8th grade I was our short yardage running back,” said Bragg. “Coach Yenser jokingly said it during the bye week and again on Monday and Tuesday. And then when we went out to practice I found out he was not kidding about it all.”
Surprised or not, his head coach, David Beaty, was pleased with his play in the game against the Red Raiders.
“He did well,” said Beaty. “It took a couple of plays to get used to just foot work and operating in that kind of space when you’re not used to operating in that kind of space, but for the most part he figured it out. You watch the game go on and you watch his departure angles and his pad level and his ability to play from low to high — it really improved. I think he had a good time doing it, I know it was something that really helped us throughout that game.”
It shall remain to be seen if Bragg will continue to find time in the Jayhawks’ backfield, but one thing is certain—he will always brag about getting to wear the No. 1 on his uniform.
“It was a surprise and a challenge at the same time,” said Bragg of his opportunity to play fullback. “I had to learn a completely new position. I had to do a lot of studying to be ready for the game. For my first time playing fullback, I would say I was fairly decent. I know I can do better with more experience, but overall I did pretty well. I am the first offensive lineman I have ever known to get to wear a single-digit jersey in a game. It was exciting for me. Every guy on our o-line wants to do it and it was an honor it got to be me.”