Coxswain Report: Bailey Coolidge checks in from Winter Training

TAMPA, Fla. – Kansas rowing is in the midst of its annual winter training trip in Tampa, Florida, and senior coxswain Bailey Coolidge shares what the Jayhawks have been up to during the week-long training trip.

Today marks the seventh day of winter training and the sixth day in Tampa, Florida, which includes the 11 practices that we have already completed. A couple days ago we were able to take a day off and head over to Clearwater Beach. We originally expected rain, but it ended up being a gorgeous day with lots of sun, and beautiful water to swim and take pictures in! You can’t go to a beach with a group of girls without a little photo shoot! Getting a day off in the middle of the training trip is a great mental break and a perfect time to let the body rest from all the hard work already put in.

Our daily schedule is pretty simple with a morning row and an afternoon row. Most days one of the practices is a longer steady state workout that primarily works the rower’s cardiovascular endurance. The other row for the day normally includes either a shorter, higher rate pieces, or is drill intensive.

Every practice is different and we never know what to expect, so we are always ready for anything! Not only does our workout change every practice, so does our boat line up. Every time we come to practice there is always a lineup change, which means every row will feel a little different but being a great rower means you learn how to row your best in any lineup.

The trips focus has been to build the Culture of Champions. We focus on this during practice and outside of practice, specifically during our team dinners. Dinner is a time where a group of rowers (a mixture of six to seven upper and lower classmen, which change each night) get together and talk about their day and talk about how they can build the Culture of Champions!

Being in Tampa is a great change to the scenery of Lawrence, Kansas. Before we left the Kaw was frozen over with ice and the trees were bare. Here in Tampa it has been sunny, and hot, with most days being in the high 60’s to 70’s. This nice weather is something that the team will not be able to see again until late April or even in May during the Big 12 Championship, so taking every minute here to get better is super important.

Tonight after our afternoon row we were able to take another short break from our normal daily routine by going out for dinner at a restaurant as a team.  This means we got to go straight back to the hotel to shower to look nice for the dinner out as a team. This will be a great bonding opportunity, and really allowed the team the expand more on our Culture of Champions. Going out for dinner as a team was a great opportunity to mix up our normal routine a little bit, and really help set us up for a good last three rows!



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