Inside Winter Training: Reese Arnold

TAMPA, Fla. – Throughout Kansas rowing’s week and half training trip to Florida, various Jayhawks will give an inside look at what’s happening each day during winter training with the ‘Inside Winter Training’ Blog.
Winter training isn’t new to Reese Arnold, check out what she was up to as the training trip continues in Florida.
Sunday morning started out like all the other mornings have – eating breakfast and then walking to the boathouse while watching the sunrise. This might be my favorite part of the day, because the city is quiet, the water is still and the colors of the sky are truly magnificent. 
The workout this morning was a long steady state to really work on our endurance, maintaining good technique and body position amidst long, draining work. I’ve been really impressed with my teammates this trip. We are picking up close to where we left off after the fall season, that is super exciting because that just means we can continue to work and build upon all the progress we saw last fall!
After lunch, a group of us headed down to the pool, but not for the reasons you might think. Our athletic trainer, Logan, noticed that the temperature of the hotel’s pool is similar to the cold tub that we use at home to reduce soreness. So, in order to promote recovery between practices, we waded into the pool with towels over our heads to try and stay as warm as possible in the cold water. 
The afternoon practice was soon upon us and learned that we would spend time practicing our starting sequence for our spring races.  This definitely got us excited because race season is the most wonderful season of the year! After lots of drills to practice body positioning and timing, we went through some starts and it felt so good to get up to race speed again!
One of the unique things about rowing in Tampa is that it is also a cruise ship port.  During this afternoon’s practice, a cruise ship was leaving and it was amazing to be in our little racing shells and looking up to this massive ship waving at all the people looking down at us. I’ve never felt so small before!
After dinner, the coaches hosted a little ice cream party and a game night to have some fun and competition outside of the boat! We broke into groups and played games like ‘What Do You Meme’ and ‘Cards Against Humanity.’ Eating ice cream and laughing with all my closest friends was the best way to end the day!
Rock Chalk,
Reese Arnold




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