Schedule Master Classes and Private Clinics with the Rock Chalk Dancers

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Kansas’ Rock Chalk Dancers are now offering private dance clinics, at which one or more Rock Chalk Dancers will work one-on-one with dance teams. The Rock Chalk Dancers and their coaches will customize the material to each team’s interests and skill level and even teach at your preferred location.

?Master classes are also offered by the squad, where two or more Rock Chalk Dancers travel to your studio and provide a fun, energetic class based on the requests received and instruction needed. During competition season, the Rock Chalk Dancers can also work with solo, duo and/or trio groups to provide any additional cleaning, suggestions or improvements.

To schedule a private team dance clinic at a cost of $75/participant/day, contact Spirit Squad Coordinator Cat Jarzemkoski via email at or call (785) 864-3002.

For a private one-on-one dance lesson, master class, or cleaning for competition, please contact Rock Chalk Dance Coach Raquel Thomas at