Spirit Squad Home

The University of Kansas Spirit Squad is composed of student athletes from 3 teams: the Kansas Cheer Squad, Rock Chalk Dancers, and Mascots: Big Jay and Baby Jay!

Spirit Squad members support all Kansas athletic events from football, to soccer, volleyball and basketball.  In addition to our game day role, we serve as ambassadors for the university and participate in appearances, pep rallies, and community service events. We love connecting with the Jayhawk Nation, leading the Rock Chalk chant, and encouraging fans to Wave The Wheat at every KU celebration. 

The KU Spirit Squad is an essential part of the rich and heralded atmosphere of the University of Kansas.  Through the years, each member has played an extraordinary part in the growth of our programs and has been dedicated to serving our students, alumni, and fans.  Today, we proudly wear the crimson and blue in celebration of our exceptional history, tradition, and culture.

In our own right, the Spirit Squad has proudly represented KU at National competitions for over 30 years and even brought home a 2021 National Championship Title in UCA Cheer Small Coed Division 1A.  We can boast excellence, both on the mat and in the classroom, with a squad achievement of an average combined 3.8 GPA.  We are proud students, proud athletes, and proud to represent the University of Kansas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!