๐ŸŽ™ The Jayhawker Podcast | Get To Know: Matt Gildersleeve

65. Get To Know: Matt Gildersleeve

Football Director of Sports Performance Matt Gildersleeve is at the forefront of the changes new coach Lance Leipold wants to implement with the Jayhawks. But even he knows that he is just a piece of a bigger puzzle. On paper, Gildersleeve and Leipold are an odd couple. Gildersleeve played at Division III powerhouse Mount Union, where he was 57 and 3 in his career. Those three losses: To Leipold and Wisconsin Whitewater. One thing is for certain. Gildersleeve is on a mission to impact and influence the Jayhawk football roster, one day and one workout at a time. And thereโ€™s no place heโ€™d rather be.

Join host Wayne Simien for the 65th episode of the The Jayhawker Podcast โ€“ Get To Know: Matt Gildersleeve