🎙 The Jayhawker Podcast | Wally Marciel: O'Hana

62. Wally Marciel: O’Hana
3,845 miles. From Kailua, Hawaii to Lawrence, Kansas. That’s how far former Jayhawk baseball player and current Director of Operations Wally Marciel traveled to play college baseball 10 years ago. He has never left. Marciel started a pipeline from the Aloha state to Lawrence, and the reason behind the move for him and other Hawaiaan players was pretty simple. It started with one person, coach Ritch Price. Price and Kansas baseball provide an atmosphere that Hawaiians value and cherish, and one that makes them travel across the globe to be a part of. Family.

Join host Wayne Simien for the 62nd episode of the The Jayhawker Podcast – O’Hana.