Globe-Trotting Jayhawks: Aisia Robertson & Jessica Washington

From Aug. 8-18, the Kansas women’s basketball team and staff will embark on a 10-day foreign tour through France and Switzerland, as the Jayhawks aim to build team chemistry and grow together on and off the hardwood. Throughout the tour, which includes four games, a different player on KU’s 2016-17 roster will share what the team was up to each day while abroad.

Day 8 – Nice, France

Aisia Robertson


It’s 12 a.m. here in Switzerland and we leave for Nice, France in the morning. I have yet to adjust to the time change, but I’ll have five hours to catch up on the lost sleep. So far, our trip has been amazing.
Morning is here and it is time to go back to France. After seeing Paris, I’m looking forward to seeing Nice and the beach everyone keeps talking about. We left the hotel, the view of the water and mountains are beautiful. It really makes me appreciate the opportunity basketball has provided me.
On our way to Nice we stopped at little rest stop in Italy where I tried a sandwich I cannot pronounce or spell, but it was good. We have arrived! The view is beautiful and our hotel is right on the water. I luckily get to spend my last days in France rooming with Chelsea and Caelynn.
Once we got settled into our hotel Jessica and I went on a walk around town. We ran into a store and bought sunglasses and watches for decent prices. Next we walked over to the beach and looked over the view while taking a few pictures.
Overall, the long drive to Nice was well worth it. It is now time to eat dinner at the Balthazar and rest up for game day.
Jessica Washington
Leaving this beautiful town in Switzerland is difficult because of the beautiful scenery. I never imagined in my life that I’d witness with my own eyes mountains this big in person. It is so humbling to see all of the art work and creations there are around the world and we don’t see them in our normal everyday lives.
During my last hours here, I walked the path along the lake and just embraced being in a place I may never see again in life, while I listened to the waves of the water. I couldn’t help but to go out to the balcony of my room once I returned to the hotel near the lake and enjoy the perfect weather and the breeze, doing so really made me feel at peace. I am truly blessed for such an amazing opportunity here in Switzerland at Lake Geneva.
On the bus ride to Nice, I couldn’t help but to record the view of the mountains in Switzerland and Italy and wonder how much snow is at the top of the mountains that are so high they touch the clouds. Meanwhile, there were multiple waterfalls towards the middle of the same mountains. I have never in my life been a nature person until this trip, I have changed my perception to appreciate how beautiful nature really is.
Finally made it to Nice! We are staying right on the beach and it is beautiful. Aisia and I walked around the streets full of shopping centers and restaurants and the atmosphere is unbelievable. Here I am finally able to buy gifts for my family because of the reasonable prices. Aisia and I walked down to the beach and took the best pictures on the rocks which gave us the best view of the ocean and all of the hotels surrounding Nice. What a wonderful experienced. Being in Nice is truly humbling.
Merci, Merci for a once in a life time experience! I am taking full advantage of this trip and I am loving every second of it!
Rock Chalk!
Aisia & Jessica
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