Jayhawk Insider: Late Night memories

By: Dayton Hammes

Now in its 34th year, Late Night in the Phog has become one of many storied traditions at the University of Kansas. With seven seniors on the 2018-19 roster, much of the Kansas women’s basketball team will be experiencing the first of many lasts to come this year at Late Night.
One of two four-year seniors on the Jayhawks’ roster, guard Kylee Kopatich is looking forward to the opportunity to play in front of a large crowd for her final Late Night.
“After not getting the chance to scrimmage last year, we’re all looking forward to the opportunity to play in front of a huge crowd,” Kopatich said. “We’re excited we get to showcase all of the hard work we’ve been putting in.”
Not only does Late Night provide an opportunity for the team to scrimmage in front of up to 16,300 fans, the Jayhawks also enjoy showcasing their dancing abilities.
Senior Sara Boric recalls being anxious, but excited for her first Late Night experience.
 Sara Boric enters 2017 Late Night.”I remember that we all danced in the locker room trying to hype ourselves up for the dance in front of all of the fans,” Boric said. “It was so much fun to be out there with my teammates doing something fun other than basketball.”
Everyone remembers their first Late Night experience differently, whether you were anxious, excited, nervous or all of the above. For redshirt-junior center Tyler Johnson, however, the moment she first stepped onto Naismith court her freshman year for Late Night was indescribable.
“I just remember standing on the court and the spotlight hitting us and the crowd getting so loud I could feel the vibrations going through me,” Johnson said. “It was indescribable really.”
Whether it’s their first Late Night or their last, the Jayhawks are looking forward to making more memories together on Friday night at KU’s 34th annual Late Night in the Phog.