Four Jayhawks Participating in USA Volleyball Tryouts

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Four Jayhawks will represent the University of Kansas during the annual U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryouts, Feb. 19-21 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Sophomore All-American setter Ainise Havili, sophomore All-American right-side hitter Kelsie Payne, junior libero Cassie Wait, and sophomore outside hitter Madison Rigdon will tryout with approximately 231 student-athletes from 88 colleges from across the country for spots on the U.S. Women’s National Team and the U.S. Collegiate National Team program.

“This is a great opportunity for our Jayhawks to be around the USA Volleyball coaches and some of the most elite players in the country,” Kansas head coach Ray Bechard said. “Even though it is a short time, they will be able to improve their game and seek a potential future in representing our country on the court.”

Havili, Payne, Wait and Rigdon were all starters on KU’s 2015 squad that guided KU to its first-ever appearance in the NCAA Final Four.

U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach Karch Kiraly and his staff will direct the entire tryout process. The tryout will involve four sessions with three waves per session. The first session on Friday, Feb. 19, and will conclude on Sunday, Feb. 21, with tournament-style play, along with 16-18 athletes selected by the staff to participate in a “USA” training session.

Selected athletes for the U.S. Women’s National Team may begin their training in Anaheim, California, as early as the spring of 2016, or when an athlete’s scholastic or professional club season has concluded.

The U.S. Collegiate National Team program has three competition options:

  • Tour of China (12 athletes): June 18-July 1
  • Tour of Europe (12 athletes): July 5-16
  • USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships (projected 36 athletes): June 21-30 in Indianapolis

Selections for the U.S. Collegiate National Teams will be made by the end of March.

USA Volleyball Tryout Roster (as of Feb. 12)

NAME (Position, School, College Eligibility Years Remaining)
Havili, Ainise (S, Kansas, 2)
Payne, Kelsie (OPP, Kansas, 2)
Rigdon, Madison (OH, Kansas, 2)
Wait, Cassie (L/DS, Kansas, 1)

Abbott, Symone (OH, Northwestern, 2)
Adelaja, Fayette (MB, Purdue, 1)
Agae, Kayla (L/DS, Elon, 1)
Anae, Adora (OH, Utah, 2)
Anderson, Jordan (OH, UCLA, 1)
Angel, Savannah (MB, High Point, 1)
Angel, Jana (MB, North Carolina St., 0)
Appold, Audra (OH, Ohio St., 3)
Arneson, Keelie (L/DS, Clemson, 0)
Ati, Manyi (OH, Montevallo, 0)
Babers, Jazzmin (MB, Texas A&M, 1)
Bain, Corie (S, Harvard, 1)
Banyai, Savannah (L/DS, Air Force, 1)
Bass, Majesti (MB, Georgia, 3)
Beal, Maddie (OPP, Minnesota, 2)
Beckley, Sophie (L/DS, Minnesota, 3)
Bell, Mariah (OH, Pittsburgh, 2)
Benda, Gabrielle (S, Georgia Tech, 2)
Bergeson, Jillian (OH, TCU, 1)
Berryhill, Brooke (L/DS, Tulsa, 1)
Bohannon, Erica (OH, Tulsa, 1)
Boswell, Julia (L/DS, Air Force, 3)
Brakauskas, Krista (S, Miami (Ohio), 1)
Brand, Katie (S, Kansas St., 1)
Brisack, Victoria (S, Indiana, 4)
Brown, Kaz (MB, Kentucky, 2)
Buckley, Ayanna (MB, Ferris St., 2)
Buford, Kayla (MB, Minnesota, 3)
Burkert, Brianne (S, Florida St., 3)
Butters, Emily (L/DS, Missouri St., 3)
Calvin, Lindsey (MB, Saint Mary’s [Calif.], 3)
Capezio, Ciara (OH, Iowa St., 1)
Carroll, Amanda (OH, Florida Gulf Coast, 3)
Castanon-Hill, Kariana (MB, Arkansas St., 0)
Cavanaugh, Alyssa (OH, Western Kentucky, 2)
Chin, Annemarie (L/DS, High Point, 0)
Cole, Abby (MB, Michigan, 1)
Craig, Katie (L/DS, Colorado St., 3)
Crow, Melanie (OH, Mississippi, 1)
Cuttino, Danielle (OH, Purdue, 2)
Dailey, Olivia (S, Kentucky, 3)
Davidson, Chandelle (S, Drake, 1)
De Vine, Denise (L/DS, Reinhardt, 0)
Detering, Abby (S, Florida, 2)
Dood, Jessica (OPP, Oakland, 1)
Dusek, Ashley (L/DS, Kentucky, 2)
Earl, Jesse (L/DS, Auburn, 2)
Ebangwese, Santita (MB, Syracuse, 3)
Edelman, Nicole (S, Colorado, 0)
Edie, Aubrey (S, Mississippi, 1)
Eggert, Margaret (OH, Minnesota, 1)
Elattrache, Nicole (L/DS, Duke, 2)
Fanning, Shelly (OPP, Baylor, 3)
Filley, Alexa (S, Auburn, 2)
Fitzmorris, Audriana (OPP, Stanford, 4)
Flowers, Macy (MB, Kansas St., 3)
Freiberg, Camryn (OPP, High Point, 2)
Fuller, Lauren (OH, San Diego, 3)
Gengenbacher, Kristen (S, San Diego, 2)
Giordano, Janelle (MB, SMU, 1)
Goehner, Alyssa (L/DS, Minnesota, 2)
Goodman, Janie (OPP, James Madison, 1)
Grant, Chelsea (MB, Lamar, 1)
Green, Amanda (OPP, Marquette, 4)
Grice, Kaitlyn (MB, New Orleans, 3)
Handley, Erica (S, N/A, 1)
Haneline, Kayla (MB, Northern Iowa, 1)
Hardesty, Emily (OH, Texas A&M, 1)
Harker, Halle (L/DS, Arizona St., 2)
Harris, Chelsey (OPP, Rice, 1)
Hegarty, Katherine (OPP, SMU, 2)
Heilborn, Carson (S, New Mexico, 3)
Heineck, Piper (MB, N/A, 2)
Heise, Morgan (L/DS, SMU, 1)
Held, Amelia (L/DS, Northern Iowa, 1)
Hellman, Sarah (L/DS, N/A, 3)
Hernandez, Sylvia (L/DS, Miami [Fla.], 2)
Hillyer, Kirstie (MB, Colorado St., 4)
Holt, Kyra (OH, Washington St., 1)
Hori, Kelty (L/DS, Loyola Marymount, 4)
Horton, Katie (OH, Florida St., 1)
House, Cassie (OH, New Mexico, 1)
Hranicka , Blayke (MB, North Carolina St., 3)
Hughes, Taylor (S, Ohio St., 3)
Hutchison, Jaelah (MB, Colgate, 3)
Inderski, Kyla (OH, Drake, 2)
Itiola, Omotola (MB, Baylor, 1)
Itiola, Tola (MB, Baylor, 1)
Jacobson, McKenzie (MB, Arizona, 2)
Jaudon, Madison (L/DS, Elon, 3)
Jeffery, Valerie (S, Youngstown St., 1)
Jessen, Brittany (S, South Dakota, 2)
Jewell, Merideth (OH, Morehead St., 3)
Jimenez, Yaritza (L/DS, Lourdes, 0)
Joachim, Taylor (OPP, Colorado, 4)
Johnson, Lily (OH, Missouri St., 2)
Johnson, Dajvonae (MB, Portland CC, 2)
Johnson, Baylee (S, Southern California, 3)
Jones, Jordan (S, Morehead St., 3)
Jorgensen, Jessica (MB, North Dakota St., 2)
Jorgensen, Jessie (S, Utah, 3)
Kalinoski, Kelli (L/DS, Duke, 3)
Kan, Carly (OH, Missouri, 1)
Katoa, Eliza (OH, Utah, 2)
Keala, Loxley (S, Iowa, 1)
Kearney, Kaitlyn (MB, North Carolina St., 2)
Keene, Jaelyn (MB, Illinois St., 2)
Kloth, Taryn (OH, Creighton, 3)
Knop, Caroline (L/DS, Michigan, 2)
Kober, Kersten (L/DS, Kansas St., 1)
Kuhrt, Morgan (OH, Iowa St., 1)
Larson, Laura (L/DS, Arizona, 1)
Leaea, Tessa (MB, N/A, 0)
Lebo, Taylor (L/DS, Indiana, 1)
Leonard, Zoe (L/DS, Dartmouth, 3)
Levert, Leah (MB, Syracuse, 2)
Litwin, Gabby (L/DS, Texas A&M, 2)
Livingston, Sarah (OH, Southern California, 2)
Loechel, Brittany (MB, N/A, 2)
Lohman, Molly (MB, Minnesota, 2)
Louis, Taylor (OH, Marquette, 3)
Lucas, Jessica (S, Western Kentucky, 2)
Mack, Callie (L/DS, Akron, 1)
Mack, Darian (OH, Kentucky, 2)
Mahlke, Katherine (OPP, Michigan, 2)
Malloy, Alexandra (OH, Baylor, 0)
Manriquez, Jaissi (L/DS, Goldenwest College, 1)
Martin, Ashleigh (OH, TCU, 3)
Martin, Claire (MB, Washington St., 3)
McDonald, Jazzmine (MB, Indiana, 1)
McGuire, Regan (MB, TCU, 1)
McHugh, Kaylie (L/DS, Tulane, 4)
Meyer, Leah (MB, Duke, 3)
Mikals, Sarita (OH, TCU, 1)
Miksch, Abigail (OPP, Air Force, 3)
Milana, Giovanna (OH, Maryland, 4)
Mills, Lauren (OH, SMU, 2)
Mims, Taylor (MB, Washington St., 3)
Miron, Emily (MB, North Dakota St., 1)
Morton, Katarina (L/DS, Kennesaw St., 2)
Murray, Ashley (MB, Long Beach St., 2)
Nelson, Taylor (S, Cal Poly, 2)
Niemann, Meghan (MB, Marquette, 1)
Nolan, Carly (OH, Cincinnati, 3)
Nolan, Caitlin (L/DS, Iowa St., 0)
Oblad, Berkeley (MB, Utah, 3)
Olsen, Annika (L/DS, Iowa, 2)
O’Neill, Kelsey (MB, Pittsburgh, 2)
Osburn, Maddi (L/DS, Boise St., 2)
O’Shaughnessy, Sydney (S, Nebraska-Omaha, 2)
Ostrom, Kayla (S, Lipscomb, 1)
Pashkova, Anna (L/DS, Gardner-Webb, 0)
Pennington, Elizabeth (OPP, N/A, 2)
Perry, Leah (OPP, Clemson, 1)
Phillips, Abby (L/DS, Iowa St., 3)
Pickrell, Kylie (S, Arizona St., 3)
Pickrell, Cassidy (OH, N/A, 2)
Potts, Jenna (MB, Pittsburgh, 1)
Poulter , Jordyn (S, Illinois, 3)
Pudwill, Leigh (OH, Florida Gulf Coast, 1)
Purnell, Mikaela (L/DS, North Dakota St., 2)
Ramsey, Perry (OH, North Carolina St., 2)
Rasmusson, Brianna (S, North Dakota St., 2)
Reeg, Audrey (OH, South Dakota, 1)
Reuter, Kasey (OH, Iowa, 3)
Rosenthal, Jenna (MB, Marquette, 3)
Rudzitis, Tija (MB, N/A, 0)
Rusek, Olivia (OH, Miami [Ohio], 2)
Sandbothe, Taylor (MB, Ohio St., 1)
Sassin, Brooke (OH, N/A, 1)
Scambray, Tia (OH, Washington, 2)
Schaben, Jess (OH, Iowa St., 3)
Schad, Lauren (S, San Diego, 2)
Schaedig, Markie (L/DS, Arkansas St., 1)
Schau, Katie (S, Minnesota, 1)
Schoene, Makena (OPP, Drake, 1)
Schoenlein, Casey (OPP, Washington St., 2)
Schwan, Courtney (OH, Washington, 2)
Seitz, Natalie (L/DS, Air Force, 2)
Seliger Swenson, Samantha (S, Minnesota, 3)
Seman, Angela (L/DS, Pittsburgh, 3)
Sikorski, Stephanie (S, Ferris St., 1)
Simpson, Cierra (L/DS, Colorado, 1)
Simpson, Gabrielle (S, Colorado, 2)
Skjodt, Carly (OH, Michigan, 3)
Sklar, Emily (OH, Duke, 0)
Slater, Maddie (MB, Northwestern, 1)
Smeathers, Madison (MB, Ohio St., 4)
Smith, Alexa (OH, Colorado, 3)
Smith, Lauren (MB, Creighton, 1)
Snuka, Penina (S, Arizona, 1)
Snyder, Carli (OH, Florida, 2)
Sours, Devanne (OH, New Mexico, 1)
Spragg, Victoria (MB, New Mexico, 3)
Spriggs, Tyler (OH, Arizona, 3)
Squyres, Kaylin (OH, UC Davis, 0)
Stahl, Azariah (OH, Purdue, 2)
Steffen, Hadley (OH, North Dakota St., 1)
Sutton, Tess (L/DS, Utah, 2)
Sybeldon, Lianna (MB, Washington, 0)
Tallman, Megan (S, Indiana, 1)
Tapp, Paige (MB, Minnesota, 1)
Tapp, Hannah (OPP, Minnesota, 1)
Tashima, Taylor (S, Northwestern, 2)
Taylor, Nikki (OPP, Hawaii, 1)
Templeton, Haley (S, Miami [Fla.], 2)
Thomas, Piper (MB, Northern Iowa, 3)
Thompson, Jordan (OH, Cincinnati, 3)
Tingelhoff, Jade (S, Cincinnati, 3)
Tomasic, Katie (OPP, Miami (Ohio), 2)
Trueman, Carly (OH, Utah, 2)
Tucker, Jordan (OPP, Duke, 1)
Turner, Jade (MB, Arizona, 3)
Van Gunst, Teegan (OH, Georgia Tech, 1)
VanWinden, Adlee (OH, Cal Poly, 3)
Vogel, Bryna (OPP, Kansas St., 2)
Walsh, Anna (MB, TCU, 3)
Weaver, Mackenzie (OH, Syracuse, 4)
West, Samara (MB, Iowa St., 2)
Wilhite, Sarah (OH, Minnesota, 1)
Williams, Stephanie (OH, Pittsburgh, 4)
Wilson, Sydney (MB, Georgia Tech, 2)
Wilson, Mykah (L/DS, Long Beach St., 3)
Winters, Jaali (OH, Creighton, 3)
Witt, Brittany (L/DS, Creighton, 4)
Woodford, McKenna (OH, Washington St., 3)
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