Jayhawks in Europe: Maggie Anderson

From May 18-30, Kansas volleyball is embarking on a European training trip aimed at combining cultural education with intense practices and competition. The team will play six matches, sandwiched between training sessions and travel destinations in Italy, France and Spain. The Jayhawks have graciously accepted the task of keeping their fans, family and KU volleyball supporters in the loop on what the team is up to on a daily basis. Check back each day of the trip to hear a different player’s perspective.

Day 1 – Lawrence, Kansas to Miami, Florida to Milan, Italy

Today was a long day of travel! We left the Horejsi Family Athletics Center at 3:00 a.m. to head to the Kansas City airport. Everyone had decided not to sleep until our second flight, which was from Miami to Milan, so we can start to get used to the time change. It’s a seven-hour difference… so when our plane landed in Milan it was 6:00 a.m., but 11:00 p.m. central time.
All of us are so excited to start our journey here overseas and so thankful to be here! Off to practice to start our first day in Milan. No naps, just waiting for a bag that may or may not have gotten lost on the trip – then straight to the gym!

Coming up on day two: Cassie Wait