🏈 Kansas Introduces Cutting-Edge On-Field Technology in The Seeker

LAWRENCE, Kan. – The Kansas Football program has added a valuable resource to its disposal with The Seeker, the world’s first robotic quarterback, kicker and punter.

The new on-field technology will allow Kansas players to train alone for the first time and receive a multitude of extra game-like reps throughout the calendar year. The Seeker, developed by Monarc, is the latest example of Coach Lance Leipold looking to improve the Kansas program in every facet.

“Coach Leipold is always looking for innovative and productive ways for our team to improve, and The Seeker will be an invaluable resource for our players,” Kansas Offensive Coordinator Andy Kotelnicki said. “This will allow our guys to get on the field and get more quality repetitions and improve their skills. This is a tool that will help players in all three phases of the game and will have an immediate impact on our program. We’re very excited to begin using it and see the impact firsthand.”

The Seeker is the world’s first technology that allows footballs to be thrown to receivers without the help of someone feeding the machine constantly. The Seeker also has the capability to track athletes’ positions on the field and throw the ball at a specific speed, at a specific location on the field and at a specific position on the player’s body.

The speed of The Seeker can reach up to 75 miles per hour.

The tool has been helpful for players on offense and defense. It increases in-practice reps and has also increased interceptions for defensive players due to better ball-skills.

The Seeker has a touchscreen interface, along with a six-ball magazine that allows users to throw, punt or kick up to six balls in 12 seconds with pinpoint accuracy, which eliminates wasted reps and increasing practice efficiency.

The Jayhawks will use the technology as they continue to prepare for the upcoming 2022 season, which opens at home on Sept. 2 against Tennessee Tech. Single-game tickets are officially on sale, as our season tickets.