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There are those can’t-miss prospects. Guys who are just “dudes.” The ones who you just know are going to be great immediately. But then there are players who develop a little more slowly, only to have an incredible impact when the time is right. And when you consider the All-American career of defensive standout Cole Aldrich, he’s one of those guys. It just took time. And during a three-year career with the Jayhawks, he never lost a game at Allen Fieldhouse. Not. One. Time. After leaving Lawrence, Cole lived the dream of playing in the NBA. But it wasn’t always easy, and it’s a grind that most people can’t believe or accept. Aldrich lived and worked that grind for eight seasons in the League. And his work ethic never wavered.

Join host Wayne Simien for the second episode in season two of The Jayhawker Podcast – Minnesota Freak.