🛶 Kansas Competes at Big 12 Championship, Salisbury Earns Conference Recognition

AUSTIN, Texas – The Kansas rowing team competed against six other Big 12 crews in the conference championship, taking sixth place overall. Senior Laurel Salisbury was named to the All-Big 12 Rowing Team, as announced by the conference after the conclusion of the Championship.

"The end if always a roller coaster of emotions as some boats perform really well, others don’t … We celebrate our seniors who are graduating and the next generation gets championship experience to grow upon."

Carrie Cook-Callen, head coach

The First Varsity Eight commenced the regatta with Kansas posting a top-5 finish with a time of 7:17.945. The host Longhorns took first at 6:43.279, the Crimson Tide came in second at 6:56.907, the Volunteers in third at 7:03.563 and the Sooners in fourth at 7:14.121 just slightly ahead of the Jayhawks.

Next up was the Second Varsity Eight where Kansas, 7:36.074, finished seventh after being engaged in a tightly contested battle against Oklahoma, 7:31.346, and West Virginia, 7:34.560. Texas took the 2V8 crossing the finish line at 6:52.303, Tennessee took a silver finish at 7:10.357, Alabama’s bronze mark came with a time of 7:15.364 and fourth place belonged to Kansas State at 7:30.269.

The Jayhawks posted yet another top-5 finish in the First Varsity Four with a time of 8:25.400, finishing ahead of the Sooners at 8:32.786 and the Mountaineers in seventh at 8:55.171. The Longhorns notched first-place at 7:51.683, followed by the Crimson Tide at 8:06.949, the Volunteers in third with a mark of 8:16.405 and 8:20.052 for the fourth place Wildcats.

In the final race of the day the Second Varsity Four, Kansas finished yet again in the top-5. The Jayhawks’ fourth-place time of 8:18.583 placed them ahead of K-State in fifth at 8:24.141 and Oklahoma at 8:38.406. Yet again Texas notched the top mark at 7:34.77, Alabama finished second at 7:55.061 with Tennessee in third at 8:03.510.

"Earlier Laurel was named our Oarswoman of the Year, and it seemed fitting to nominate her as our top candidate for All-Big 12 Rowing Team."

Coach Cook-Callen

With victories in each race, Texas received the 2021 Big 12 Rowing Championship and an NCAA automatic qualifying bid. Big 12 squads will learn their NCAA fate on Tuesday, May 18. The NCAA Championship will be held May 28-30 at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida.

Big 12 Rowing Team Results
1. Texas – 167
2. Alabama – 141
3. Tennessee – 133
4. Oklahoma – 91
5. Kansas State – 87
6. Kansas – 77
7. West Virginia – 51

All-Big 12 Rowing Team
Izzie Gonzales, Alabama, Sr.
Darcy Jennings, Alabama, Sr.
Brittany Hill, Alabama, Fr.
Claudia Mecchia, Alabama, Jr.
Rebekah Stewart, Alabama, Gr.
Laurel Salisbury, Kansas, Sr.
Taylor Hartman, Kansas State, Jr.
Breah McKay, Oklahoma, Jr.
Jessica Robinson, Oklahoma, Jr.
Lindsey Morrissett, Tennessee, Sr.
Brenna Randall, Tennessee, Sr.
Emma Seawright, Tennessee, Fr.
Aspa Christodoulidis, Texas, Jr.