Throwback Thursday: Holly Reynolds

Jan. 19, 2012

011912aab_272_7346726.jpegHolly Reynolds (Women’s Golf) 1990-94

Reynolds came to Lawrence from the rolling hills of Vermont and it is fair to say she made her mark on Mount Oread. During her time at KU, Reynolds was a three time All-Big 8 selection, who competed at the 1990 NCAA Championships. She racked up seven career collegiate victories and carried that momentum into the pros, where she earned the title of 1992 New England Women’s Amateur Champion. The all-time Jayhawk great has also competed in two US Women’s Opens, and still plays competitively today, back in her home state of Vermont, where she also works as a mail carrier.

At what age did you start golfing?
“I started playing when I was 5 years old. Both of my parents played golf and my brother and I would look for golf balls on the boundary of the golf course. One time I actually ended up getting stung by a bee and that’s how I found out that I was allergic. But I would just follow them on the course and that’s how I ended up getting started in the sport.”Reynolds with teammate and former women's golf coach as well as men's basketball player, Jerry Waugh

Being from Vermont, what made you decide to come to Kansas?
“The girls that were on the team at the time were just great and it was my first recruiting trip. I just had a good accord with the girls on the team from the first time I met them.”

What is your favorite memory from golfing in college?
“Probably graduation because friends of the family came out all the way to Kansas to see me walk down the hill. I graduated with two of my teammates, but unfortunately I didn’t get to spend that time with them because I was off campus the whole week before, competing at Regional’s.”

Do you still keep in touch with your former teammates?
“Yes, I keep in touch with a lot of them, mostly through facebook. I came out (to Lawrence) probably about five years ago for a reunion and saw Coach (Jerry) Waugh and other teammates of mine. I wish I lived closer so I could be out there a lot more, but I would say I have probably come back around four or five times since college.”

What do you miss most about golfing at Kansas?
“I miss the people! I was recruited by Brad Demo and then he was replaced by Sarah (Johnson) and then Coach Waugh came in, but Brad was still on the golf course every day. All of the girls on the team that were older or younger Holly_reynolds_BW_action.jpgthan me were just great, great people.”

Since leaving Lawrence, you have gone on to play professionally. How does golfing differ from the collegiate to professional ranks?
The camaraderie is not quite there like it was in college. In college you knew you were going to get back with your team and joke around and go to dinner. There were always six or seven people around with you. When you are playing professionally, you’re out there by yourself trying to make your way. You still have a few friends out there, but they are also your competitors.”

What did it mean to you, when you became the 1992 New England Women’s Amateur Champion?
“That was a big deal. Just because I really did not known anybody else who had made it on to the LPGA, except for those who had won the New England Amateur. That was kind of a time when I thought maybe I could make it out there.”

What are your future plans in the sport?
“I actually regained my amateur status a couple of years ago and I have just been trying to get that second New England Amateur championship. Unfortunately the competition keeps getting younger and younger. When I regained my amateur status, it was the first time I had not been one of the youngest playing in Vermont on the New England Amateur Tour, so that felt totally different for me.”IMAGE COURTESY OF: VT STATE WOMEN'S GOLF ASSOCIATION

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LEFT: Reynolds with her trophy after winning the state amateur championship

RIGHT: Reynolds playing in a 2010 tournament