Student-Athlete Support Services

We provide a holistic student-athlete success approach aimed at assisting student-athletes in achieving academic success at a high level and obtaining the ultimate goal of graduation.

We believe that it is imperative that our student-athletes begin their college career with a solid foundation academically. Studies have shown that the first two years of a student’s college career have a profound impact on their academic journey towards graduation.

Student-Athlete Support Services employs over 100 strategic tutors, content tutors, and learning assistants, providing academic support for all lower level subject areas. Tutoring support is also offered for many upper-level social sciences, humanities, and math/sciences courses, as well as graduate level courses for our student-athletes pursuing graduate degrees. Our academic support staff goes through intensive training sessions prior to the beginning of each semester and receives regular compliance rules education to make sure they have the tools necessary to help our student-athletes succeed.

Learning Services
Kansas Athletics is inclusive and supportive of all student-athletes earning their degree at KU. Learning Services supports and advocates for student-athletes by teaching academic skills and strategies to become successful and independent learners. The program also provides direct support to student-athletes with diagnosed learning exceptionalities and those who face other academic challenges. Student-athletes work in one-on-one or small group strategic tutoring sessions that may consist of strategic tutoring and working with a learning specialist and/or learning assistant. Learning Services collaborates with content tutoring to provide a holistic support plan individualized to the student-athlete’s specific needs.

Additionally, the Learning Services Coordinator will assist the student-athlete with registering with the Academic Achievement and Accessibility Center (AAAC) on campus to acquire any necessary accommodations for classes. The Learning Services Coordinator also conducts a pre-screening of incoming student-athletes in order to determine if additional psychoeducational testing is warranted.

Learning Assistants
Learning assistants enhance and develop student-athletes’ organization and time management skills during individualized planning sessions. Student-athletes meet with a learning assistant weekly to review course syllabi and create a weekly calendar that highlights upcoming assignments, exams, and quizzes. Learning assistants encourage student-athletes to be proactive in their academic pursuits, and provide accountability for assignment and task completion.

Strategic Tutors
Strategic tutors work one-on-one or in small groups with student-athletes to enhance and develop academic skills and learner independence by teaching academic and study strategies, such as note-taking, test preparation, reading comprehension, and writing skills. Strategic tutors use a multi-modal method in supporting student-athletes academic approach.