Men's Basketball Fan Guide

Accessible/Limited Mobility Parking

Accessible parking is available for a $25 fee on a first-come, first-served basis in Lots 54 (north of Allen Fieldhouse), 71 (south of Allen Fieldhouse), 72 (northwest of Allen Fieldhouse), and the parking garage (north of Allen Fieldhouse). Display your state-issued accessible license plate or hangtag and have your personal identification card with you. Should these spaces be filled, additional accessible parking spaces are available at Park and Ride in lot 301 located off Clinton Parkway and Crestline (North of the Shenk Recreational Sports Complex). An accessible bus will be available for the ride to Allen Fieldhouse for a fee of $5 per person. Limited mobility fans will be allowed to unload and load near the south entrance to Allen Fieldhouse.


For assistance, please contact event personnel (red vest) in your area.


For your convenience, there are three ATM’s located in Allen Fieldhouse.

  • South end of level one
  • Northeast corner of level one
  • Northeast corner of level 2

Banners should be no more than three-feet high and not obstruct the view of fans or Allen Fieldhouse signage. Signs, banners and flags that contain obscene language are prohibited. Kansas Athletics has the right to remove any sign or banner at any time for any reason and the possessor of the sign or banner may be removed from the arena. Kansas Athletics expects and encourages spectators to bring signs that promote good sportsmanship and respect the rights and dignity of others.

Compliance Corner

Ask Before You Act!

NCAA Compliance
As a fan of KU Athletics, it is important to become familiar with NCAA, Big 12 and Kansas Athletics Compliance rules. Please review the following information as a brief guide to NCAA compliance and please feel free to contact our office at any time for further inquiry. We appreciate your support and cooperation.

Go Jayhawks!

Booster Defined
A booster is an individual, independent agency, corporate entity (e.g., apparel or equipment manufacturer), or other organization that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Current or previous season ticket holder;
  • Current or previous member of an agency or organization promoting any Kansas Athletics program (e.g., KU Alumni Association, K Club, sport booster groups, etc.);
  • Made financial contributions to Kansas Athletics or to an athletics booster organization (e.g., Hardwood Club);
  • Assisting or have assisted in providing benefits including, but not limited to, financial assistance, use of a car, use of a cell phone;
  • Providing allowable benefits (e.g., summer jobs) to enrolled student-athletes; or
  • Promoting Kansas Athletics in any way.

*This list is not exhaustive. Please contact the Kansas Athletics Compliance Office if you have any questions about your possible status as a booster.

Prospective Student-Athletes
A prospective student-athlete is anyone who has entered the ninth grade (seventh grade for men’s basketball). Please remember, it is important to leave the recruiting to the coaching staffs of Kansas Athletics. Getting involved without consent from the Compliance Office could jeopardize the eligibility of the prospective student-athlete. Kansas Athletics is responsible for the actions of its boosters and fans and is always available to answer any questions regarding permissible recruiting activities.

Autograph Requests for Non-Profit Foundations
All autograph requests for any KU head coach should be made through the Kansas Athletics Marketing Office at (785) 864-7976.


  • A non-profit or charitable organization (excluding high school groups) may request an autographed item [must provide 501(c) certification]


  • Sale, trade or barter of an autographed item for personal gain (e.g., Ebay, Craigslist)
  • Use of the name, picture or likeness of a student-athlete to promote the sale of a product for personal or commercial financial gain.

Please assist Kansas Athletics in promoting an NCAA-rules-compliant atmosphere by reporting any known sales of items featuring current student-athletes’ autographs.

Extra Benefits
An extra benefit is any special gift or arrangement provided to a student-athlete, or student-athlete’s friend or family memberr, that is not available to the general KU student body or the general population.

Examples of Extra Benefits (this is NOT an exhaustive list) and includes Prospective Student-Athletes and Enrolled Student-Athletes:

  • Use of an automobile or transportation
  • Admission to an event (e.g., movies, athletics events, banquets, clubs, special events/parties, concerts)
  • Cash or loans in any amount
  • Gifts of any kind, including those for special occasions such as birthdays, religious holidays, graduation, etc.
  • Free or reduced-cost services, rentals, or purchases of any type (e.g., meals, drinks, clothing, laundry, haircuts, legal fees, tattoos, golf, car repairs)
  • Free or reduced-cost housing for any length of time
  • Entertainment
  • Assistance with paying bills (e.g., cell phone, gas money, rent)
  • Awards
  • Loans (including co-signing)

Recruiting Inducement:
A recruiting inducement under NCAA rules is any special gift or arrangement provided to a prospective student-athlete that is not available to the general population. The arrangement of such a benefit would be considered an improper inducement to encourage the eventual enrollment of a prospective student-athlete at KU.

Social Media Reminders
Boosters may not initiate or “accept” friend requests of prospects on Facebook, but they can “follow” recruits on Twitter. Boosters should NEVER post on a recruit’s “wall,” reply to a “tweet,” send them any kind of direct message, or take any other action that would constitute contacting any recruit.

This prohibition also includes creating fan pages for recruits to attend KU. We thank you for your support, but also request that you leave the recruiting up to the Kansas Athletics coaching staff members.

Contact Us:
Kansas Athletics Compliance
Allen Fieldhouse, 1651 Naismith Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045
(785) 864-4200

Follow us on Twitter @JayhawkComply and like us on Facebook at Kansas Athletics Compliance


General concessions will be available in all areas when the doors open. Concessions are located throughout the first, second and third levels of Allen Fieldhouse.


An elevator is available for access to all three levels. The elevator tower is located at the south end of the building. There is a second elevator located in the Booth Family Hall of Athletics (east entrance to Allen Fieldhouse). The Booth Family Hall of Athletics elevator is available for access to the first and second levels only.


Located immediately south of Allen Fieldhouse.

In case of an emergency call 911. For non-emergencies call (785) 864-5900.

Located in the southeast corner level one of Allen Fieldhouse. Event Personnel will provide direction.

Located in the southeast corner level three of Allen Fieldhouse. Event Personnel will provide direction.

Fan Information

Located on the south end of level one. Lost-and-Found is located in the Fan Information Center. If you discover an item is missing after you leave the building you may call (785) 864-4210 during normal business hours – Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Fancards are available in the north, east and south lobbies prior to tip-off on the first level. On the second level, they are available on the north and south concourse.


Student gates open two hours prior to tip-off. The student entrance is located at Gate 2 on the northeast corner of Allen Fieldhouse. All student ticket holders must enter at this location. General public gates will open one-and-a-half hours before tip-off. Everyone must have a ticket to enter regardless of age.

Halftime Exit and Re-Entry Policy

Exit and re-entry will only be allowed at halftime. Please see a ticket taker to receive a stamp for this purpose. Both the stamp and the game ticket stub are required for re-entry., along with standard security entry procedures.

Jayhawks Fan Code of Conduct

Kansas fans pride themselves on a long tradition of good sportsmanship and conduct. In support of this tradition, Kansas Athletics’ staff will proactively support a safe and fun experience for our guests. Kansas Athletics events will be free from the following behaviors:

  • Foul, obscene, offensive or abusive language or actions
  • Public intoxication or other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs
  • Smoking (including the use of electronic cigarettes) anywhere on the premises
  • Fighting, unruly or inconsiderate behavior
  • Selling items, including tickets, on University grounds
  • Interfering with the progress of the event, including throwing any object onto the court or going onto the playing surface
  • Failing to follow rules/instructions of fieldhouse personnel
  • Sitting in a location other than the guest’s ticketed seat
  • Indecent or obscene clothing or signs
  • Destroying property
  • Conduct that endangers participants or spectators
  • Criminal trespass

Those who choose not to follow Kansas Athletics’ Fan Code of Conduct will be subject to ejection without refund. Ticket holders are responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their guests or persons occupying their seats. If you witness any patrons demonstrating the behaviors listed above during an event, please notify security (police officer or usher in a red vest) or call (785) 864-1602. You may also send a text message to 69050, keyword KUHELP. Then type in your issue and location.

Limited-Mobility Seating

For those with limited mobility (other than those requiring wheelchair accessible seating), Kansas Athletics offers limited-mobility seating the day of the game, subject to ticket availability. Two current tickets for the event can be traded for two limited-mobility seats, one (1) for the person in need of assistance and one (1) for a companion. These seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. Fans should come to the Athletics Ticket Office, located on the southeast corner of Allen Fieldhouse, beginning two hours prior to tip-off, in order to exchange tickets for limited-mobility seating. These seats are located near elevators and do not require excessive climbing of stairs. Persons with limited mobility or others needing special assistance to reach their seats should contact the Ticket Office at (785) 864-3141.

Lost Children

Every child should be told to contact the nearest event staff personnel (red vest/shirt) should he/she become lost. Lost children will be taken to Fan Information, located on the south end of level one in Allen Fieldhouse. Parents looking for a lost child should go to Fan Information.


Find your favorite sports apparel, souvenirs, gift ideas and much more at the Rally House locations in Allen Fieldhouse. For fans wanting to buy KU gear online, it is available at


(785) Area Code:

  • Compliance Office: 864-4200
  • Facilities Office: 864-4210
  • KU Parking & Transit: 864-PARK (7275)
  • KU Police: 864-5900
  • Rally House: 864-1119
  • Lost & Found: 864-4210
  • Communications: 864-3417
  • Ticket Office: 864-3141 (800.34.HAWKS)
  • Williams Education Fund: 864-3946
Prohibited Items

For the protection of our fans, the following items are not permitted in Kansas Athletics facilities and cannot be stored by Kansas Athletics personnel:

  • Containers, bottles, cans, liquid containers and coolers
  • Backpacks, duffle bags, , purses larger than a clutch bag (5.5” x 8.5” max), fanny packs, diaper bags, mesh bags, tinted plastic totes, any clear plastic bag greater than 12” x 6” x 12”, camera or binocular cases, or chairbacks
  • Food, video cameras
  • Umbrellas, strollers, bikes
  • Weapons (as defined by the University’s weapons policy) of any type, including concealed firearms and fireworks
  • Poles/sticks of any kind
  • Objects that obstruct another patron’s view of the playing surface
  • Horns, whistles, boom boxes and/or other noisemakers
  • Any object that can be used as a missile
  • Animals (except service animals for guests with disabilities)
  • Anything that creates a nuisance or disruption
  • Patrons are subject to inspection of their person, bags, and clothing capable of concealing prohibited items. Patrons may refuse inspections but management reserves the right to refuse entry.

The University prohibits individuals from possessing, carrying or using weapons, including concealed weapons, in Allen Fieldhouse for men’s basketball games. Violators will be asked to leave University property, and if they refuse to do so, such refusal may constitute an unlawful trespass.

Public Parking

Please follow City and University parking regulations when parking on streets in the area. Beginning two hours prior to tip-off, KU Parking & Transit will make available a shuttle service pick-up at stop 3 at Park and Ride in Lot 301 for a fee of $3 per person. The parking in this lot is free after 4:00 pm on weekdays and free all day on Saturday and Sunday. The entrance is located at Clinton Parkway and Crestline (next to the Shenk Recreational Sports Complex). Return trips will end 30 minutes following the game. Shuttle service for limited mobility fans will be provided in the same manner as above. Limited mobility fans will be allowed to unload and load near the south entrance to Allen Fieldhouse.


Restrooms are located on all three levels. Family restrooms are located at the south end of level one and the north end of level three. Diaper-changing stations are located in all three family restrooms. Accessible restrooms are located on all levels.

Security Measures

Following the best practices recommended by the Department of Homeland Security and National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security as well as state law, additional security measures will be in place for all men’s basketball games in Allen Fieldhouse. These measures aim to provide a safer environment for all in attendance and improve the guest experience by expediting screening and entry into the fieldhouse.

All persons – game day staff, ticketed guests – are subject to screening before entering Allen Fieldhouse. Walk-through metal detectors will be the primary means of screening. For guests who are unable to utilize a walk-through metal detector, hand-held metal detectors will be used with physical pat-downs as a final alternative option. Any person who does not consent to screening will be denied entry into the fieldhouse. For more information on what is and is not allowed in Allen Fieldhouse, please review the Clear Bag policy and the Prohibited Items listed above.

Guests with tickets in hand are strongly encouraged to use the screening area and entry gate closest to their parking area or pre-game event location. In many cases, this will expedite entry. To help ensure that guests are in their seats by game time, all guests are encouraged to make their way to the entry points at least one (1) hour prior to game time. Fans who leave at half-time must be re-screened prior to re-entry.

Entry points are located as follows:

  • Student Entrance: Gate 2 – North East corner
  • Medical Exception Entrance (wheelchairs and other assistive devices): Gate 11 – South end
  • Medical Bag Exception Gates:
  • Gate 20
  • Gate 22
  • Credentialed Entrance (Media and others with approved game day credentials):
  • Gate 12 – South end
  • Gate 20
  • Gate 22

Screening Accommodations: All guests and personal items (including assistive devices) are subject to screening and search before entering Allen Fieldhouse. Guests with disabilities who are willing to utilize walk-through metal detectors are encouraged to do so; however, these lanes are not accessible for wheelchairs and other assistive devices. The designated Medical entrance (Gate 11 – South end) is accessible for all guests with disabilities. Guests with medical devices should consult their doctor or device manufacturer if unsure of their ability to use a walkthrough metal detector. Guests should notify Event Staff that they have a medical device and will be assisted through the screening process.

Smoking Policy

In accordance with University of Kansas Policy, smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes or any future product that simulates or approximates tobacco use or smoking, and tobacco use are not permitted on the Lawrence or Edwards campuses, all other university sites reporting to the Lawrence campus, and at the facilities of Student Housing, the Kansas and Burge Unions, Athletics, and the KU Center for Research, Inc. (KUCR).

Text Messaging

Fans in Allen Fieldhouse may use a text-messaging reporting system on game days to quickly summon KU event personnel. In case of an emergency, facility issue, or to report a disturbance in your area, send an SMS text message to 55678, keyword KUHELP. Then type in your issue and location. Standard SMS text messaging rates will apply. This is a two-way texting system that will allow KU event personnel to respond as needed.


The Ticket Office will open two hours prior to tip-off and remain open until the end of the first half. The Ticket Office is located on the southeast corner of Allen Fieldhouse. All patrons, regardless of age, require a ticket for admission. For ticket information during the week call 1-800-34-HAWKS, (785) 864-3141 or log onto

Wheelchair Seating

Wheelchair accessible seating is available on the floor level at the north and south ends of Allen Fieldhouse in sections M and B. For those individuals (and up to three companion seats, subject to availability) requiring wheelchair accessible seats, wheelchair seating should be purchased in advance via all regular distribution channels (by phone, in person at the Ticket Office, or via internet and is subject to ticket availability. Kansas Athletics cannot guarantee that wheelchair seating is available the day of the game if you purchase a non-wheelchair accessible seat. Patrons may check at the Athletics ticket office located on the southeast corner of Allen Fieldhouse beginning two hours before tip-off for seating availability. For those who purchase an accessible seat and do not need the specific features of the accessible seat, Kansas Athletics may require the ticket holder to move to a different, non-accessible seating location. Refusal to relocate upon request may result in ejection and revocation of ticket privileges.

Will Call

General Public, KU Player/Guest and Visiting Team Player/Guest will-call windows are all located at the Southeast corner of Allen Fieldhouse.

A photo ID is required for the pick-up of all will-call tickets.

Williams Education Fund Parking

The parking lots in the vicinity of Allen Fieldhouse require a Williams Education Fund parking permit. These are obtainable only through membership in the Williams Education Fund. You may reach the Williams Education Fund by phone at (785) 864-3946.