Kansas Team Health

Kansas Athletics has launched a new model of student-athlete care believed to be the first of its kind among major collegiate athletics programs.

Kansas Athletics is collaborating with The University of Kansas Health System and LMH Health to launch Kansas Team Health, a new model of care that makes the resources of The University of Kansas Health System and LMH Health available to provide the best care possible for KU student-athletes, and clearly establishes the responsibility of care with medical professionals while minimizing potential conflicts of interest between coaches and sports medicine staff.

This new model transitions approximately 40 sports medicine staff – including physicians, athletic trainers, nutritionists, wellness coordinators and, most notably, strength and conditioning coaches – from Kansas Athletics to The University of Kansas Health System. As a result, staff members now fully report to medical professionals, rather than through a physician employed by the department and reporting to Kansas Athletics administrators. This is now a true medical oversight and healthcare compliance model.

The Kansas Team Health model is believed to be the first among major universities to incorporate strength and conditioning coaches.

“The health, safety and well-being of our student-athletes is our highest priority,” said Kansas Athletics Director Jeff Long. “Additionally, we want our medical staff to have access to the resources they need to provide KU student-athletes the best medical care possible. This partnership strengthens our ability to achieve our highest priorities.”

The new model is the result of purposeful efforts by the University of Kansas and Kansas Athletics to provide the highest level of care to student-athletes. This change positions Kansas as a national leader in addressing concerns and challenges across college athletics related to athletics department reporting structures and medical care.

Name Title Phone Email Address
Kansas Team Health
Larry Magee, MD

Head Team Physician – Primary

864-7938 larmag@ku.edu
Jeffery Randall, MD

Head Team Physician – Orthopedic

Luis Salazar, MD

Assistant Team Physician – Primary Care

Polly Sheridan-Young, PA-C

Team Physician Assistant

864-7417 sheridan@ku.edu
Brian Conway

Senior Administrator

864-1290 conwayb@ku.edu
Bill Cowgill, MEd, ATC, LAT

Associate Director – Sports Medicine (MBB, MGOLF)

864-7153 bcowgill@ku.edu
Trent Carter

Head Football Athletic Trainer

Ken Wainwright, MS, LAT, ATC

Certified Athletic Trainer (BSB)

864-7486 kwain@ku.edu
Ann Wallace, MSE, ATC, LAT

Certified Athletic Trainer (VB)

864-4948 amwallace@ku.edu
Nicole Lowery, MS, ATC, LAT

Certified Athletic Trainer (WBB, WGOLF)

864-3812 nicolelowery@ku.edu
Jeffrey Bord

Certified Athletic Trainer (T&F, XC)

864-7437 jtbord@ku.edu
Taylor Spencer

Certified Athletic Trainer (T&F, XC)

Emily Calder

Certified Athletic Trainer (ROW)

864-7426 encalder@ku.edu
Danielle Meyer

Certified Athletic Trainer (ROW)

Allison Florentino, MS, ATC, LAT

Certified Athletic Trainer (WSOC)

Emily Bedy, MEd, ATC, LAT

Certified Athletic Trainer (WTEN, Spirit)

Jacob Fouts

Certified Athletic Trainer (SB)

Madison Corona

Certified Athletic Trainer (S&D)

John Michel

Certified Athletic Trainer (FB)

Leann McConnell, MS, LAT, ATC

Certified Athletic Trainer (FB)

Travis Pepper

Certified Athletic Trainer (FB)

Jace Puckett, MS, LAT

Certified Athletic Trainer (WSOC & BSB)

Jordan Stiers, MS, ATC, LAT, PES

Certified Athletic Trainer (VB & T/F)

Samantha Thomas, MS, LAT, ATC

Certified Athletic Trainer (MBB & WBB)

Kristie Baumchen, LMSW, LMAC

Student-Athlete Wellness Coordinator

864-4721 kbaumchen@ku.edu
Natasha Hansen, MS, RD, LD

Director of Performance Nutrition

864-6610 natasha.hansen@ku.edu
Stacey Potter

Assistant Dietitian (FB)

864-3392 kansasfootball@ku.edu
Luke Bradford

Director – Sports Performance (BSB, VB)

864-7350 bradfordl@ku.edu
Ben Iannacchione

Director – Sports Performance (FB)

Ramsey Nijem

Director – Sports Performance (MBB)

John Baumann

Assistant Sports Performance Coach (T&F, XC)

864-7489 jbaumann@ku.edu
Janie Kearl

Assistant Sports Performance Coach (WBB, WSOC)

Sesely Omli

Sports Performance Special Assistant (ROW, Dance, WGOLF)

Lance Barilow

Associate Director of Strength & Conditioning (FB)

Tarik Muse

Assistant Sports Performance Coach (FB)

John Shaw

Assistant Sports Performance Coach (FB)

864-3392 kansasfootball@ku.edu
Stewart Young

Assistant Sports Performance Coach (FB)

Endurance Crosby

Graduate Assistant Performance Coach