Donation Requests and Autographs

Kansas Athletics is no longer taking autograph donation requests.  You may click on the autograph store link below and purchase an autographed item for your charity or special event. Please enter the discount code CHARITY23 at checkout to receive a discount. All items are available on consignment and can be returned for a refund. Please email with any questions.

Autograph Store

Downloadable Forms
Community Service Request Form (.pdf document)

Mascot Appearance Requests
Big Jay and Baby Jay Mascot Appearance Request

Promotional Activity General Policies
1. The necessary application must be completed in its entirety, a minimum of four weeks prior to the requested deadline.
2. Completion of a request form in a timely manner, and approval from the Marketing Office, does not guarantee that KU can fulfill the request.
3. KU Athletics items will not be donated to other colleges or universities.
4. Pursuant to NCAA regulations, items will not be donated to any entity that benefits a high school, high school-aged students, or affiliates of any high school-aged students.


Does Kansas Athletics donate men’s basketball tickets?
No. Kansas Athletics does not donate tickets to our sporting events.
Can an autographed item be used as an auction or raffle item at a fundraiser?
Yes, please work through
Does Kansas Athletics make autographed items available to individuals?
Individuals can purchase autographed items here:
Will Kansas Athletics consider a donation to a for-profit corporate entity?
No. This rule is strictly enforced and governed by the NCAA. Kansas Athletics is also prohibited from providing any item to a charitable organization/event that is sponsored or co-sponsored by a commercial entity.
Will KU student-athletes make personal appearances?
Student-athletes are not permitted to make appearances during their season. Kansas Athletics must approve all student-athlete appearances, but participation it is up to the individual student-athlete. Even if the University approves the request, there is no guarantee that the student-athlete will be willing and able to fulfill the request. For more information about student-athlete NIL opportunities, see here: