Jayhawks on TV

The Big 12 Conference named its Big 12-branded digital offering via ESPN+ Big 12 Now.

What does the development of Big 12 Now mean for Kansas fans? It means that Kansas’ third-tier (i.e., non-network) events will appear exclusively on ESPN+, which is available nationwide via the free ESPN App on mobile and connected devices, and at ESPN.com. This allows Kansas Athletics to reach over 100 million households in the United States, including 260 million people. For a small monthly price ($4.99) or $49.99 for the year – that is cheaper than most sports surcharges of most cable packages – fans can enjoy their Jayhawks at home, on the road or in the office – virtually anywhere you have access to internet and a streaming device.

The most notable change with Big 12 Now for KU fans will center around one football game and six men’s basketball games that includes the two exhibitions. Those events have traditionally not aired on ESPN. They will now be available exclusively on Big 12 Now, not on over-the-air, local or cable television. One thing that will not change: KU will have as many football and men’s basketball games on ESPN and other major TV networks as in the past.

Each participating Big 12 institution will provide television production for a minimum of 50 events per year, including the women’s basketball and Olympic sports productions that were available on ESPN+ during the 2018-19 season. This agreement provides Big 12 schools the flexibility to set their own preferred dates and times for these events.

In addition to Big 12 Now on ESPN+, KU fans will also be able to see various Jayhawk programming throughout the state of Kansas and in the Kansas City Metro Area on KMCI (38 The Spot, Kansas City), Spectrum Sports, Midco Sports Network, and Cox Cable. This includes all of the

Rock Chalk Video, in collaboration with Jayhawk IMG Sports Marketing, will produce the standard Tier 3 offerings like the lone non-Fox/ESPN football gamesd, six men’s basketball games (including the two exhibition contests), Late Night in the Phog and the spring football game.  All nine of those events will be seen live, blackout-free, nationally through ESPN+ via the ESPN app, as well as regionally on KMCI and Cox Cable.

The programming will also include Jayhawk Gameday Live, a 30-minute pregame show and a 60-minute postgame show, on every home and away Kansas football and men’s basketball game day, as well as Hawk Talks on tape delay.  For the first time, that content will be available across the country on the ESPN app, as well as regionally on KMCI, Spectrum Sports, Midco Sports Network and Cox Cable.

An additional 100 live events will be available on the ESPN app, with 25 of those simulcast on KMCI, Midco Sports, Cox Cable and Spectrum Sports.

Aug. 22SoccerNebraskaThursday7:00 PMESPN+
Aug. 25SoccerLoyola-ChicagoSunday1:00 PMESPN+
Aug. 26FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Aug. 29FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Aug. 30SoccerMemphisFriday7:00 PMESPN+
Aug. 31FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturday10:30 AMESPN+
Aug. 31FootballIndiana StateSaturday11:00 AMFOX Sports
Sep. 01SoccerFloriday AtlanticSunday1:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 02FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 05FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 07FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturday5:30 PMESPN+
Sep. 07FootballCoastal CarolinaSaturday6:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 09FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 12FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 12VolleyballMorehead StateThursday7:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 13VolleyballArizonaFriday6:30 PMESPN+
Sep. 13FootballPre/Postgame ShowsFriday6:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 13FootballBoston CollegeFriday6:30 PMACC Network
Sep. 15VolleyballSyracuseSunday1:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 16FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 19FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 19SoccerByuThursday7:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 21FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Sep. 21FootballWest VirginiaSaturday3:30 PMESPN+
Sep. 22SoccerKennesaw StateSunday1:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 23FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 26FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 26SoccerTexasThursdayFOX
Sep. 28VolleyballBaylorSaturday5:30 PMESPN+
Sep. 28FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Sep. 28FootballTcuSaturdayTBA
Sep. 29SoccerBaylorSunday1:00 PMESPN+
Sep. 30FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 02FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 04M-BasketballLate Night In The PhogFridayESPN+
Oct. 05FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Oct. 05FootballOklahomaSaturdayTBA
Oct. 07FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 10VolleyballWest VirginiaThursday6:30 PMESPN+
Oct. 21FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 17FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 18SoccerKansas StateFriday7:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 19VolleyballTcuSaturday1:00 PM
Oct. 19FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Oct. 19FootballTexasSaturdayTBA
Oct. 14FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 24FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 24M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsThursday6:30 PMESPN+
Oct. 24M-BasketballFort Hays StateThursday7:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 24SoccerWest VirginiaThursday7:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 26VolleyballTexasSaturdayTBAESPN+
Oct. 26FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Oct. 26FootballTexas TechSaturdayTBA
Oct. 27W-BasketballPittsburg StateSundayTBA
Oct. 28FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 31FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Oct. 31M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsThursday6:30 PMESPN+
Oct. 31M-BasketballPittsburg StateThursday7:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 02VolleyballOklahomaSaturdayTBD
Nov. 02FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Nov. 02FootballKansas StateSaturdayTBA
Nov. 03W-BasketballEmporia StateSundayTBA
Nov. 04FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 05M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsTuesdayTBAESPN+
Nov. 06VolleyballTexas TechWednesday6:30 PMESPN+
Nov. 06W-BasketballIndiana StateWednesday
Nov. 07FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 08M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsFriday18:30ESPN+
Nov. 08M-BasketballUnc GreensboroFriday7:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 10W-BasketballIllinois ChicagoSunday
Nov. 11FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 13W-BasketballOmahaWednesday
Nov. 14FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 15-17SoccerNcaa First RoundFriday-SundayESPN+
Nov. 15M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsFriday6:30 PMESPN+
Nov. 15M-BasketballMonmouthFriday7:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 16VolleyballKansas StateSaturday1:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 16FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Nov. 16FootballOklahoma StateSaturdayTBA
Nov. 17W-BasketballUmass-LowellSunday
Nov. 18FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 19M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsTuesday6:30 PMESPN+
Nov. 19M-BasketballEast Tennessee StateTuesday7:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 21FootballHawk TalkThursday3:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 23FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Nov. 23FootballIowa StateSaturdayTBA
Nov. 24W-BasketballTexas StateSunday
Nov. 25FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Nov. 25-27M-BasketballMaui InvitationalMon-WedTBAESPN+
Nov. 27VolleyballIowa StateWednesday6:30 PMESPN+
Nov. 30FootballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Nov. 30FootballBaylorSaturdayTBA
Dec. 02FootballWeekly PresserMonday1:00 PMESPN+
Dec. 07M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Dec. 08W-BasketballFloridaSunday
Dec. 10M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsTuesday6:30 PMESPN+
Dec. 10M-BasketballMilwaukeeTuesday7:00 PMESPN+
Dec. 14M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Dec. 15W-BasketballSaint Mary'SSunday
Dec. 21M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBAESPN+
Dec. 29M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsSundayTBAESPN+
Dec. 30W-BasketballWoffordMonday
Jan. 25M-BasketballPre/Postgame ShowsSaturdayTBA