Performance Nutrition


The Jayhawk Performance Nutrition program is committed to meeting individual and team nutritional needs through education and guidance with two full-time sports dietitians, one assistant and one graduate assistant.


To provide evidence-based nutritional information and guidance for KU athletes to have the proper knowledge to fuel their body for maximized performance. We are committed to helping athletes on their journey to fulfilling nutritional goals on and off the field, and ultimately creating the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle through optimal nutrition.

Natasha Hansen, MS, RD, CSSD, LDDirector of Performance Nutrition
Matt PolandAssistant Dietitian
Stacey PotterAssistant Dietitian (FB)
Megan McCannPerformance Nutrition Assistant (FB)

Goals & Objectives

  1. Create equal opportunity for nutrition education and interaction between all student-athletes
  2. Maximize fuel opportunities for student athletes to enhance performance
  3. Optimize recovery of student athletes within 30 minutes after workouts and practice
  4. Utilize the DXA body composition analysis to determine individual optimal composition and corresponding nutritional goals for peak performance


  1. Whole foods – Choosing whole foods for complete nutrient needs before considering supplementation. A foods first approach while minimizing consumption of processed foods is the best way to fuel the body for performance. These foods will provide steady energy throughout the busy day of a student-athlete
  2. Nutrient Timing – Choosing the right nutrients at the right time will optimize performance and recovery
  3. Hydrate- Staying above individualized hydration needs to prevent dehydration is vital for energy sustainability, maintenance of body temperature, focus, and injury prevention
  4. Recover- Nutrients are powerful in decreasing muscle soreness, inflammation, preventing illness and injury, ultimately speeding up recovery time

Performance Nutrition Services

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Customized meal plans
  • Body composition assessment and monitoring
  • Dietary supplement evaluations
  • Team nutrition education workshops
  • Travel nutrition planning
  • Grocery store tours
  • Cooking Demonstrations



KU Performance Nutrition promotes whole foods as the optimal fuel source for the body. We believe in providing an individualized approach to develop a plan based on sport, genetics, periodization, schedule, and goal(s).



NetNutrition® is an online nutrition analysis program. This service provides a convenient method to calculate the approximated nutritional values of your food selections from our various campus dining locations. These Daily Value percentages are based upon a setting that averages the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for individuals between the ages of 19-24.