Jan. 29, 2005

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Kansas Head Coach Bill Self
On the game:
“We were better this Saturday than we were last Saturday. But that is basketball and college athletics for you. I would say that we played really well. I think that we defended really well, we rebounded really well, we executed well, and we got the shots that we wanted. The big thing for us is that we shared the ball and played with great energy. We took care of the basketball. It was a big game for us to have crisp ball movement. It was a fast-paced game because the opponent dictates a different style of game, it might not look like we are playing as well. Everything in basketball goes hand in hand. We definitely shared the ball tonight. I am most pleased with J.R. (Giddens) and Keith (Langford) for combining for 10 assists and only one turnover. That’s the kind of effort we should get from these guys, because people are going to pressure out on these guys and they are going to have to feed the post. Aaron (Miles) was as good as he has been all year tonight.”

On Texas:
“They played two big guys the whole time so we thought that we would try to trap the post. We got more out of trapping the post than they did. We got some turnovers out of it. We thought that if we trapped the ball screen we could keep them out of the lane. The biggest thing for us was that we were active with our hands and we did a great job of trapping down on the big guys.”

Senior Forward Wayne Simien
On the game:
“The last few times against Texas we were manhandled, so coach challenged us to come out and attack them in all areas. I think that we came out and set the tone early. I was obviously focusing on rebounds but their offense out-rebounded us. They came in as the top rebounding team in the conference and the top three-point shooting team in the conference. We isolated both of those. I think this was probably the best game that we have played all year in all areas.”

On the team’s defensive play:
“It was the best defensive game that we have played all year. Everyone was on the same page. It was definitely a collective effort. We just started to click. It’s the middle of the season and we are clicking with the new guys. This is nothing new to us in a big-time atmosphere and that helps the intensity. Obviously, the crowd was great with all of the hype around the game. “

On the upcoming game against Missouri:
“The excitement is going to continue with Missouri coming in on Monday. Obviously the Border Showdown is a big rivalry. It is the last game for myself and the other seniors at home against Missouri. It is a great one to be a part of, so hopefully we will come out with the same result.”

Senior Guard Keith Langford
On the game:
“It is about time (that we won big).We’ve had games like Vermont, Nebraska, and South Carolina where we have played teams to the last few possessions in our own building and with the kind of fan support we have they deserve a game like that. For the fans that stuck with us and are really behind us, that was for them. Our first-shot defense has always been good. We knew Texas is a team that really relies on sets, so we really wanted to take away some options they had on sets and turn shooters into drivers and make their big men make decisions out of a double team. We just executed what coach wanted us to do and there was an unbelievable energy from the moment we got in there (Allen Fieldhouse).”

On the upcoming game against Missouri:
“There will be no let-down from this team. There will be no let-down from the seniors and especially from the coaches. We will come with the same energy. Our goal is to win the Big 12 and the good thing about that is we only have to play the teams from the south once. We just need to handle our business and handle the North teams. They (Missouri) are going to be ready to play. With Kansas and Missouri, you can never look at the rankings and who is playing well, because the game can always go either way. I have been on both sides, fortunately for this team I have been on the winning side most of the time, but they will be ready to play.”

Senior Guard Aaron Miles
On his improved shooting:
“I have noticed people closing out on me and from where I was at last year, they would step back and let me take the shot. I think my shooting is opening up a lot of different things for this team. It is allowing driving lanes for Keith (Langford) and people are changing from doubling-down on Wayne (Simien).”

On the upcoming game against Missouri:
“Missouri and Kansas is a great game. I don’t care what type of season Missouri is having, anytime they play us, it is going to be a great game. We have to refocus and prepare for them. We can’t celebrate this victory too much. We have to get our mind ready to play Missouri.”

Texas Head Coach Rick Barnes
On Kansas:
“They were good and I don’t want to say anything. They played really well tonight. We didn’t really give ourselves a chance in the first half, especially the way we closed it. They had fourteen points off of turnovers. They were aggressive and we knew they would be. We knew that they would double-ball screens and double in the post. The turnovers from our post players are the ones that really hurt us.”

On Daniel Gibson:
“Daniel (Gibson) has a great feel for the game. He has been terrific. We knew that Kansas was going to make it hard by doubling to get the ball out of his hands. He pretty much went the distance tonight with a lot of pressure on him, and I think it was a great learning experience for him. Every coach in the country would love to have Daniel on their team.” On Mike Williams:
“I thought he was really good defensively. On the offensive end he has to be solid. He shouldn’t think he has to try and create anything. He gets himself in trouble and turns the ball over. What we’ve been through the last couple of weeks has been a growing process for him and he’ll bounce back.” On the game:
“One thing we did have tonight for the entire game was effort and a lot of teams would roll over, but our guys didn’t. We just have to cut down our turnovers. Our offense got us in trouble early in the game. They (Kansas) got it going and played really well.” On Wayne Simien and the team:
“He was really good. They (Kansas) had some comfort and flow going for them. They really deserved the credit.”
Freshman Guard Daniel Gibson
On the second half:
“Coach told us that the game wasn’t over. He told me not to let them see me quit. We needed to let them know that we were not going to lay down. Coach just told me to go out and play agressively.” On Kansas:
“When Kansas clicks they are a pretty tough team to beat. Kansas has great fans, they really give the team energy. Sometimes I couldn’t even hear myself talk.” On the game:
“I knew at the beginning of the game we needed to get momentum and we couldn’t do that. Our big guys did as much as they could, but sometimes they had three or four guys on them.” On the remainder of the Big 12 Season:
“We are still in it. We weren’t going to lay down and quit tonight, and that is how the rest of the season will be.”
Senior Center Jason Klotz
On the game:
“In the first half we really let them get going. We had a lot of turnovers which they turned into points. That really got the crowd into it. When we would get the ball down low, they (Kansas) would double. I need to do a better job of passing out of the double team. We need to cut down on our turnovers. If we would have done that we would have still been in the game.” On Kansas’ performance:
“(Wayne) Simien shot the ball well. (Christian) Moody played really well too. Their guards did a good job of attacking our zone. They didn’t make very many silly plays. I think that they are the best team in the Big 12.” On Wayne Simien:
“(Wayne) Simien moved well and was knocking down shots. He did a good job of passing and moving without the ball. Their (Kansas’) guards did a good job of getting the ball to him. He did things that we didn’t see him do last year. I was really impressed with him and I congratulated him on his performance.”