KU's Gault to Play With U.S. U-21 National Team

Feb. 9, 2006


University of Kansas soccer player Holly Gault will travel with the U.S. Under-21 National Team to the United Kingdom for a week-long trip that consists of three matches. A native of Spring Hill, Kan., Gault finished her junior season in 2005 with four goals and six assists from her defender position.

“This will be my first time going over seas so that will be an experience in itself,” Gault said. “We are playing other U-21 national teams so we’ll face really good competition.”

The U.S. U-21 National Team will open the trip against a yet-to-be finalized top division women’s club team in its first match in London before heading to Scotland to play the Scotland Women’s National Team on Wednesday, Feb. 12 in Perth. The team will then travel back to London for a final match on Friday, Feb. 17 against England’s U-21 squad.

“European soccer isn’t as physical as the Big 12,” Gault said when asked to compare the two styles. “The European players all grew up playing soccer and they are very technical, it’s more of an art to them.”

U.S. U-21 Women’s National Team Roster – U.K. Tour (Feb. 10-18, 2006)

Goalkeepers (2): Ashley Phillips (Clemson), Kati Jo Spisak (Texas A & M)

Defenders (6): Rachel Buehler (Stanford), Mary Castelanelli (UCLA), Kendall Fletcher (UNC), Holly Gault (Kansas), Hayley Hunt (Stanford), Denay Riley (Penn State)

Midfielders (5): Jen Buczkowski (Notre Dame), Bristyn Davis (UCLA), Sheree Gray (Penn State), Sarah Huffman (Virginia), Allie Long (Penn State)

Forwards (5): Liz Bogus (Arizona State), Natalie Budge (Portland), Kerri Hanks (Notre Dame), Ashlee Pistorius (Texas A&M), Tiffany Weimer (Penn State)