Bill Self Press Conference Quotes

Feb. 11, 2010


Head Coach Bill Self

Press Conference Quotes

Feb. 11, 2010

On possibly winning his 400th game on Saturday:
“I’ll be honest, it doesn’t mean that much. It will mean that we won a game. We’ve really been fortunate that we’ve been around some really good players and some really good people that have given us a chance to win a lot of games. Starting out losing 18 in a row at ORU, I didn’t know if this would ever get to this point. We’d have been lucky to ever win a hundred. At the rate we were going it would have taken us a year to win a hundred. It’s pretty remarkable to turn around and have the opportunity to coach the guys that I have coached.”

On how the team can improve:
“We have to get better in every area. We won in Texas and I thought offensively we weren’t anything special. We can become more fluid offensively. I still don’t think we’ve seen consistently where our best performers are playing at a high level together, as evidenced by Cole (Aldrich) and Sherron (Collins). They played fine, but they went 5-of-23 from the field against Texas. It’s exciting to know that different guys are stepping up. I love our record, but the objective is not to have a great record. The objective is to have a great team. Winning is part of that, but you have to strive to get better in every area. Certainly there is a lot of room for improvement with this team. That’s one thing that I’m really excited about. Our ceiling hasn’t been reached or come close to being reached yet. It’s getting to the point where it needs to start happening more consistently more often. Our team has shown some toughness. It’s showed some good things throughout the course of the season. I still don’t think we’ve put it all together yet.”

On how talented Iowa State is:
“They have a bad schedule. To start conference play off, their three home games are Texas, Kansas and Kansas State. That’s three top-10 teams when they played them. Those aren’t bad losses, but when you don’t win on the road consistently and you throw in three home losses, your record can’t be good. This is `coach speak,’ but it’s true, they are better than their record. They’ve played a hard schedule so far in the league. They had plenty of opportunities last night at Missouri. There were a lot of plays that could have gone either way. They are playing short handed too. You take (Lucca) Steiger off their team before their first game in league play, that’s something no coach can prepare for.”

Sophomore forward Marcus Morris:

On the injury he suffered against Texas:
“I’m going to have a splint on my finger for about eight weeks, so most of the rest of the season.”

On how it happened:
“I hit the bottom of the backboard, and jammed it. Something tore, they thought I dislocated it at first so (Athletic Trainer Bill Cowgill) was trying to snap it back in place, but it wouldn’t go. So I had to try to keep it straight. In about eight weeks it should get back to normal.”

Junior center Cole Aldrich:
On facing Iowa State for the second time this season:
“It’s going to be another fun game. They hung around us the last time we played them up at Iowa State. It’s always fun to play up there, but nothing beats the Fieldhouse.”

On helping Coach Bill Self reach his 400th victory:
“It would be great. I think Coach Self would tell you that it’s just another stepping stone for himself and his career, but also for our team. He’s won some huge games and whatnot. It’s something that we would love to do for him to ensure his legacy.”

On picking up a technical foul against Texas Monday:
“I got the rebound and turned to outlet and accidently hit him (Damion James) in the head. I apologized right away, but I guess the refs thought it was something else.”

Junior guard Tyrel Reed

On how he describes Coach Self as a coach:
“Intense. Focused. Driven. (He’s) Just a great coach. He’s so good with players. He knows how to get the best out of them.”

On how Coach Self deals with each player individually:
“That’s the mark of a good coach. You know how certain people react to a situation and you know how you can coach them. He’s great about that. He’s always going to bring out the best in everybody.”

On helping Coach Bill Self reach his 400th career victory:
“I’m sure he just looks at it as another game. And that’s the way we have to take it as well. It’s a great accomplishment for him. Hopefully we just get a win against Iowa State, that’s the main thing.”