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Feb. 16, 2008

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Feb. 16, 2008

Postgame Quotes

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self

On the game:

“It wasn’t as bad as you think it was because they (Colorado) force ugly games. We did as great a job in recent memory of our scouting report defense. What we tried to do was pressure and then when it got in the scoring area, get between our man and the basket. I don’t think we gave up one back-door lay-up all night and didn’t give up any uncontested threes. We won’t play anyone who will have more slow possessions than what we did today. It was of those games that is hard to play. It was very similar to the game out in Colorado. You grind it out and think you’re not playing well and then you look up and you’re up 30.”

On passing the ball:

“Our passing was pitiful today in transition, like throwing the ball to the next guy and having him catch it at his ankles. We certainly had some unforced errors that way and then you look at the stat sheet and we only had 12 turnovers. We did some good things today.”

On the 110 year reunion:

“I think our players were a little nervous because of that. Coach (Larry) Brown watched us practice Thursday and Friday. He didn’t meet with our guys before practice on Thursday and then he walks in and we are throwing it all over the gym. Afterwards I asked `How many of you were nervous because he was here today’ and everyone of them raised their hand.”

On playing OklahomaState next week:

“They are playing a lot better. That will be a big game because it’s the next one. We know that Gallagher (Iba Arena) will be jumping for us. We get everyone’s best shot and their best shot is pretty good.”

Kansas Junior Guard Mario Chalmers

On Kansas’ alley-oop pass:

“Our big men helped a lot so we could throw anywhere by the rim.”

On KU’s loss to Texas:

“I think we should’ve won that game. I think we all felt like that. We didn’t really box-out late in the game and that really hurt us.”

On week long break:

“It gives us more rest and time to get ready for our next game on Saturday and stay focused. I like having the time off right now. I think it gives us time to get our legs back and get refocused.”

Kansas Sophomore Forward Darrell Arthur

On the Texas loss:

“We went out there a little bit harder. Cole (Aldrich) and Sasha (Kaun) did a good job going and getting offensive rebounds. I thought we did a great job. It’s kind of tough coming from a loss but it’s motivation to come and try to dominate and try to do everything right in the game. I thought we did a lot of good things offensively and defensively. The guards did a good job of getting the ball where it needed to be.”

On his aggressive rebounding:

“The first half started out sluggish and slow so I was trying to get back in there in the second half to go after the ball and attack it more.”

On guarding Richard Roby:

“We’ve been playing a lot of small guys lately and he was kind of tough guarding him and learning the principles of guarding a perimeter player. We did a good job with him.”

Kansas Senior Forward Darnell Jackson

On continuing to play well as a team after a tough loss:

“A lot of it comes from Coach Self. He just tells to stay calm and make the next play. Our job is to go out there and try and execute.”

On guarding Richard Roby:

“We were switching on him. We did a good job. He’s in a little scoring funk. I know that he’s pretty mad that he only scored two points, but he’ll get out of it next game.”

On wearing the 1988 jerseys:

“I love retro. I wish we wore them every game. We have to mix it up.”

On having a week off:

“It’ll be great for us. We need to go out in practice and work on the things to make us better.”

Colorado Head Coach Jeff Bzdelik

On the loss:

“We didn’t do anything that you’re supposed to do if you want to win a basketball game. We didn’t defend, we didn’t rebound, we didn’t pass the ball and we didn’t cut hard. Plain and simple. We’re disappointed.”

On what held Richard Roby’s game back:

“Richard contributed to Richard. He did not cut hard to get himself open. He didn’t stay disciplined to the offense, he didn’t pass the ball to teammmates. You have to be an active participant in your own rescue.”

On the close score at the start of the game:

“It was 21 to 16. It was encouraging and we were thinking, `Hey, we can get going here, we can hang in there,’ but we didn’t.”

On his first experience in Allen Fieldhouse:

“Everybody makes such a big deal about it. I’ve been coaching a long time in a lot of arenas. I applaud the Kansas fans for their support of their team and they have great tradition. It was an honor to sit there and coach. I wish my team would have played better, but I’ve never seen fans come out of the stands to block a shot, grab a rebound or make a shot. Give credit to Kansas and congratulations to them. It’s absolutely wonderful how their fans here support their team.”

Colorado Richard Roby

On the teams performance:

“It was disappointing, we didn’t come out with the same focus we had the past couple of games. They jumped out on us and we didn’t fight back.”

On his poor performance:

“It was one of those nights, the ball just did not want to go in. You go through that as a basketball player, but it is all about how you bounce back. I have been in this situation before, so I know what I have to do to get back on track.”

On what the coach said to him:

“He said just let this game go, it happens to the best players and I will bounce back.”

On the turning point in the game:

“Coming out of the second half they came out on a run and we just did not come back from it.”

On what was wrong with his shot:

“You just start thinking about it more when you are missing a lot of shots and missing a lot of easy shots. We were just off focus.”