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Feb. 19, 2011

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Kansas Postgame Quotes

Kansas 75, Missouri 70

19 February, 2011

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

Opening Statement:

“I thought (we showed) great resiliency and toughness on our part to get stops down the stretch. There were a bunch of big plays obviously; most obvious is Monica’s (Engleman) shot to send it into overtime and Keena’s (Mays) two offensive rebounds and Carolyn (Davis) at the free throw line. Give Missouri credit; they have done a good job all year staying in games and winning obviously, but we did enough to get it done.”

On the plan for the last play:

“Honestly it wasn’t even for Monica (Engelman) – not that we were trying to go away from her – but (RaeShara) Brown was guarding her who was a big part of why Monica was 1-8. She never could get into a rhythm and never got set. So we went with Angel (Goodrich) at first and it just got busted and came back to Monica. She just kept going and turned the corner – everyone in the stands is screaming shoot the ball – and she shot it off the glass which is a tough, tough shot.”

On Angel Goodrich:

“Her ability of playmaking right now and the motor she’s had – go back to the Colorado game running baseline to baseline – Brown is (Missouri’s) motor and Angel is our motor. There are a lot of people who are the recipient of her ability and willingness to push like that and push tempo and create tempo. Her passing decisions, her playmaking ability and her decisions have been at a very high level and she has elevated everyone around her.”

Sophomore Center Caroyln Davis

On Missouri:

“It is good to play the North teams twice and then play them again in the tournament because you learn about the team more. With Missouri you know that RaeShara Brown is their motor and they were going to fight hard to the end.”

Sophomore Point Guard Angel Goodrich

On overtime:

“I thought we handled the pressure well this time. I feel that sometimes we panic and cannot get back into the flow of things, but I think that we handled this game pretty well and stayed together.”

On Monica’s last play:

” I was just hoping it would go in, but when she shot it and it banked in I was so happy. She works on that a lot and gets that shot a lot.”

On her knee:

” (Wearing) the brace was a mental thing with me, but without it I feel light and a little bit quicker. I feel a lot better and a lot more confident in practice and in games now.”

Junior Forward Aishah Sutherland

On improving the team’s rebounding numbers:

“We need to go to the board a little bit hard. I Know I had zero rebounds this game and I need to swim the person and get better position.”

Head Coach Robin Pingeton

On the team’s effort:

“It was a great game by both teams. We have a lot of respect for Kansas, they have some great and talented young kids; the future is very bright for them. I was proud of our kids. We had kids out there who didn’t have a lot of experience. For BreAnna (Brock) and Sydney (Crafton) it was really their first time getting a lot of experience this year, and playing at Kansas is such a big rivalry. I was really proud of their effort. I thought we had some chances at the end. In games like this, for us to have a chance, everything has to go right. We just didn’t shoot it very well from the free throw line, but I thought the fight we showed being down seven was a good thing. There’s been a lot of improvement for our team. More importantly for Kansas, they had a great crowd and a great atmosphere. Those kids have played well and they are getting better. They’re young and they’re getting better.”

On defending Carolyn Davis:

“She’s a heck of a player. She runs the court so well. It’s deceiving, you feel like you are even with her and then she goes to that next level. She’s very explosive and so strong. She’s got nice touch around the basket and has a great feel for the game. She’s one heck of a player.”

On the team going forward:

“It’s bittersweet. We’re in the trenches right now and we are trying to rebuild this program. We’ve made some strides individually and collectively. There has been a lot of growth, but it’s just so hard. We’ve had a lot of opportunities; I think we’ve had four overtime games this year so we are right there. But considering the lack of experience and depth that we have, I’m absolutely proud of them. Am I satisfied? No, but I am proud of our team.”

Junior Christine Flores

On defending Carolyn Davis:

“She’s just a great all-around player. She knows how to post up very strong and she knows how to run the court very well. She’s just a great player.”

On Kansas’ defense:

“Like coach (Pingeton) said, they’re a great team. They’re young but they’re good.”