Postgame Quotes - KU vs. TCU

Feb. 19, 2011


Kansas shortstop Brandon Macias

On the lack of offense:

“One run is never going to do it, especially against a team like this. One hit and one run just can’t get it done.”

On the TCU starting pitchers Matt Purke and Kyle Winkler:

“They’re all basically the same kind of talent we see in the Big 12; they are no better than anyone in conference, we’re just struggling hitting the fastball right now.”

On what the team needs to do to improve:

“We need to start swinging earlier in the count. They’re giving us fastballs we just need to be more aggressive and swing at them and try to take that pitch away from them.”

Kansas starting pitcher Wally Marciel

On getting his first weekend start since 2008:

“It’s always been a goal of mine to become a starting pitcher again. After surgery in 2008, it was a rebuilding year for me and I’ve just been working hard in the fall trying to get back to that starting role.”

On his thoughts before the game:

“In the bullpen before the game I was a little nervous, but once you get out there you can’t worry about your nervousness and just play and let the ball fly.”


“They’re a good-hitting team and they just put the ball in play.”