Kansas Relays Credential Request Information

Feb. 22, 2010



Requests for credentials for the 2010 Kansas Relays can be made by e-mailing your request to Cara Schlinger at cschlinger@ku.edu with the names that will be using the credential. Media will be notified via email or phone as to the status of the request. Credentials will be valid for all four days of the event, April 14-17. The deadline for requests is 5 p.m. Monday April 12.

Credential Pick Up

Credentials will not be mailed. Credentials will be available for pick up on the West side of Memorial Stadium at the ticket windows, starting at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, April 16 and Saturday, April 17th.If you plan to pick up your credential on Wednesday or Thursday, please call Erin Penning at 785-424-0990 or Cara Schlinger at 307-690-2446 and we can get you your credential also on the West side of Memorial Stadium. If you need it BEFORE the first day of the Relays (April 14th), credentials will be available for pick up in the Kansas Media Relations office (1651 Naismith Dr., Parrott Center, Suite 1400) on Monday, April 12 and Tuesday, April 13.

Media Parking

To request a parking pass, please email Cara Schlinger at cschlinger@ku.edu with the SPECIFIC days in which you plan to cover the Relays, as passes are limited. Your credential alone does not grant parking, so please email a specific parking request if needed. The parking passes will be available at the time of credential pick up. Media MUST enter on the West side of Memorial Stadium, where parking attendants will have a list of approved media parking. Please email or call with any additional questions.

Cara Schlinger