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April 4, 2010

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Kansas Cup

Kansas vs. Kansas State

April 3, 2010

Head Coach Rob Catloth

On what winning the Kansas Cup for the first time in five years means to the program:

“We’re trying to build a strong team. A lot of our young kids did a really good job today and won their races. We’re trying to get some depth on our team. Our recruiting classes from last year and the year before are really stepping up in the novice boats and the second varsity and the fours. They had some strong races.”

On how clinching the cup before the final race takes the pressure off the team:

“The athletes really don’t know it because they are out on the water. They don’t know what the score is and they don’t know who won. That was a race we really wanted to win. We still are striving to get our 1V up to speed. For everyone else we could just enjoy the last race knowing we already had the cup.”

On winning the Kansas Cup on senior day:

“It’s great for the program and for the women on the team. We’ve been trying to move up and we moved into the new boathouse last year, we’re making a strong push to really raise the competition level of our team. This is a good first step for that.”

On how the team can use this victory as motivation for the rest of the season:

“We’ll remind them that it’s still early in the year. We have a month a before Big 12s. We have a lot to do and a lot to improve on. We have to keep working everyday.”

Senior Brittany Belford (First Varsity Four)

On how the First Varsity Four got out to such a big lead:

“All week long we really worked on our starts to make sure that we had the first four strokes down and then a nice push right off. I guess getting ahead helped keep us ahead.”

On how racing earlier in the spring has helped the team:

“It’s helped so much. Getting those first four races in Oklahoma City down and under our belt really gave us the experience to know what to work and where we need to push during the race.”

On how the team can continue to improve:

“Knowing what we have and where we were during that race, even though we were so far ahead, where we need to push in the middle part and how we can fix the sprint and the end as well.”

Senior Kaitlin Squier (Second Varsity Eight)

On being in the boat that clinched the Kansas Cup:

“It feels awesome. We won the first six years that we held the cup, but K-State won the last five. It feels great especially—on senior day.This is the day you wait for. You wait to be recognized four years later (after joining the team).”

On winning the Kansas Cup giving the team confidence to compete at the Big 12 Championship in May:

“We were super close to Oklahoma when we raced them and knowing that we have one team down, it gives us a lot of confidence. At all the other races we’ve been really close so we’re definitely on our way.”

Junior Julia Guard (Second Varsity Eight)

On the close finish in the Second Varsity Eight:

“It was inspiring to know that if our boat won the race then we would win the Kansas Cup. That motivated us at the end when we were down three or four seats with 500 meters to go. (coxswain) Karlie (Brown) for the motivation to get us inspired and it was an awesome finish.”