Updated 1/11


Student-athletes are permitted to earn legitimate on- and off-campus employment income during the regular academic year as well as during the university’s official vacation periods and the summer. NCAA Bylaw 15.2.7 notes student-athlete earnings from on or off campus employment is not counted in the student-athlete’s financial aid limitations provided that:

  • The student-athlete may not receive any remuneration for the value or utility that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, fame or personal following he or she has obtained because of athletics ability;

The student-athlete is to be compensated only for work actually performed; and The student-athlete is to be compensated at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for similar services.

Any student-athlete who wishes to work during the academic year must receive prior approval from the Compliance Office. For all student-athletes, the overall financial benefits of employment during the academic year must be weighed against the difficulties encountered in trying to fulfill academic, athletic and work responsibilities.

Employment Guidelines

The following rules apply to all types of student-athlete employment:

  1. The student-athlete must perform useful work.
  2. The student-athlete must be paid by check.
  3. The rate of pay must be commensurate with that received by similarly situated employees (e.g., seasonal, part-time) performing the same or similar work.
  4. Hours paid must be equal to actual hours worked.
  5. Payment in advance of hours worked is not permitted.
  6. Transportation to the job site may only be provided if such transportation is made available to all employees.
  7. Student-athletes are responsible for complying with employment rules and are to report any irregularities in employment compensation or benefits to their Head Coach or the Compliance Office.

Outside Employment

All contacts with prospective employers and final job placement must comply with the guidelines established by the University and the NCAA. Annually, the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance meets with major booster groups to discuss NCAA rules related to student-athletes. In addition, all employers and prospective employers are sent a copy of the Guidebook to NCAA Regulations, which outlines the NCAA rules as they relate to student-athlete employment and the rules relating to contact with prospective and enrolled student-athletes.

Internal Employment

Student-athletes desiring internships, both paid and unpaid, or graduate assistant positions must contact the Director of Human Resources to determine the availability and assignment of positions within the Athletics Department. Department Heads and Supervisors must communicate their needs to the Director of Human Resources. Priority for internship and graduate assistant positions within Kansas Athletics shall be as follows: current student-athletes (including 5th year student-athletes) at KU; former KU student-athletes; former student-athletes from other institutions; non-student-athletes.