STAFF (601H)

Updated 6/12


Kansas Athletics recognizes the value of maintaining open communication channels amongits staff members. To generate such an environment and increase the effectiveness ofoverall Kansas Athletics administration, staff meetings are conducted on a regular basisand as needed. In order to accommodate the various levels of administration, meetingsare conducted on an as needed basis for senior management staff; head coaches meetingsare scheduled monthly. Individual department meetings are encouraged. In addition toformal staff meetings, University and Kansas Athletics memorandums may be employed todisseminate information of importance to Kansas Athletics staff.

Kansas Athletics All- Staff Meetings

Every quarter, or more frequently as needed, the Director of Athletics may call full KansasAthletics staff meetings. These meetings are designed to be a relaxed gathering whereemployees are recognized and information is presented to all employees. In addition, themeetings may also address specific topics relating to all employees of Kansas Athletics.Matters addressed at these meetings may include annual compliance certification. Attendanceat these meetings is mandatory. The Director or his designee may, in addition, calldepartmental meetings to discuss specific issues with specific departments.

Kansas Athletics Staff Communication

Kansas Athletics staff members are encouraged to use their appropriate chain of command.More specifically, a staff member who has a particular concern to be presented to theadministrative staff should ask his/her supervisor to raise the issue at the next scheduledstaff meeting. Individuals who attend the regularly scheduled meetings are responsible forconveying pertinent information to their support staff either through written memorandum orregular unit staff meetings.