Senior Softball Player Enjoys Getting Involved

April 15, 2010


Kansas senior Ally Stanton was heavily involved in extra-curricular activities during high school. From things like the student newspaper to vice president of her class, Stanton enjoyed taking part in events outside the classroom but was not sure how to continue those endeavors as a softball player at Kansas.

Enter Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. From the moment she joined, Stanton knew it was exactly what she was looking for. SAAC, which is run by Assistant Athletic Director for student-athlete development Mike Harrity, is an organization that facilitates and encourages involvement by KU’s teams and individual student-athletes in the life of their community. Its goal is to make a positive impact on student-athletes by exposing them to and educating them on life skills through educational programming and community outreach activities.

“I absolutely love what Mike Harrity does,” Stanton said. “He makes a family and I do think of the Athletics department as a family. The student-athlete advisory committee really facilitates that.”

“For anyone in college, there is a little bit of time where you are just trying to get your bearings and figure out what these next four or five years are going to be like,” said Stanton. “I was very involved in high school. What SAAC is for me is a way to be involved and do all these things that I love doing. It was convenient for my schedule and fit into what I had decided to do here, which was play softball.”

To learn more about SAAC, watch Ally’s video here.

To view the Kansas SAAC website, click here.