Rowers Perform Well at Knecht Cup

April 16, 2005

The Kansas rowing team performed well on the first day of competition on Saturday, April 16, at the Knecht Cup at the Cooper River Course in Camden, N.J. Each boat earned a spot in Sunday’s Grand or Petite Finals.

“The race went pretty well,” head coach Rob Catloth said. “We made it into the finals in all of our races and had the fastest time in a couple of heats. In the Varstiy Quad we got second.

In the Varsity Four, Kansas entered two boats. The Jayhawks finished first and second in the semi-final to earn a spot in the Grand Final. Kansas’ A boat finished with a time of 8:58.0. Kansas’ B boat came in second in 9:05.6. The Jayhawks finished third in the Varsity Eight third semi-final race, to advance to the Grand Final with a time of 7:33.0. Kansas took the top spot with 8:26.3 in its heat in the Second Varsity Eight to move on to the Grand Final. The Jayhawks entered one boat in the Second Varsity Four, and earned a first place finish of their heat in 9:08.6 and moved on to the final. In the Varsity Quad, Kansas finished second with a time of 8:01.3.

Kansas again entered two boats in the Novice Four and both earned spots in the Grand Final. In the first semi-final race, Kansas’ B boat took third, finishing in 9:34.4. Kansas’ A boat finished first in the the third semi-final race with a time of 9:06.4. In the Novice Eight, the Jayhawks took the fourth spot in the third semi-final race with 8:34.1, to advance to the Petite Final.

“Tomorrow we will try to have a good time ,” Catloth said.

Kansas will continue competition on Sundy, April 17. Races begin at 7:40 a.m.(EST)

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Sunday’s Schedule

7:40am Novice Four Petite Final

7:50am Novice Four Grand Final

8:20am 2nd Varsity Four Final

8:30am Varsity Four Petite Final

8:40am Varsity Four Grand Final

10:50am Novice Eight Petite Final

11:00am Novice Eight Grand Final

11:10am 2nd Varsity Eight Petite Final

11:20am 2nd Varsity Eight Grand Final

12:20pm 1st Varsity Eight C-Final

12:30pm 1st Varsity Eight Petite Final

12:40pm 1st Varsity Eight Grand Final